Wednesday, 5 July 2006

Unexpected Kindness, and A New Project

I am sitting, sweltering on the Upstairs Enquiry Desk. We have no air conditioning. The windows do not open, and it is hot. And it has been madly, unusually busy. Map cabinets that try to swallow you to wrestle with, the rolling stack to negotiatie, and the Glass Cabinet (ohh, it is my favourite thing in the library! We keep all the old old books in there, and they smell so wonderful) to open too. A lovely lady who works in another department just went by the Enquiry Desk, smiled and asked if I would like her to get me glass of cold water as she was getting one for herself. What a lovely, kind thought. It is unexpected little kindnesses like this that really brighten my day.

And what a day it is. I long for thunder and lightning and a good long dousing in rain. It is so humid, it is like breathing in water when you go outside. I feel lethargic, but I cannot sleep. My patience wears thin, and I am not at my best at all.

This is one of the main reasons I have not blogged recently. I don't want to pollute the blogging world with my hot heavy hands typing grumbles. Also, I have been inescapably engrossed in The Brimstone Wedding which I read for Book Club!

So all this heat and my not coping admirably well with it at all has led me to wonder- how do people cope?

I see them, when I walk to work. In the underpass, they walk along with their hair all neat and sunglasses on. They look cool- as though the temperature is not affecting them. I think I am like that until I get home and see myself in the mirror, and squawk in terror at what the humidity has done to my hair.

I see them, at work- I work with a few. Those people whose nerves are not frayed by the relentless heat. They surely, must be sleeping well to be so patient and kind.

So my own project now, is to find out how they do it. To find out perhaps how it has always been done. Then, to do it. To find out some vintage tips for 'dancing through the day like a breeze' which I saw on one lovely vintage deoderant advert! That is what I want to do, to dance through my day like a breeze. To dance again, if not literally then in spirits. I think I shall write my findings into a Mimi Says column for Brocante Home.

Talking of which, have you paid a visit to lovely Alison recently? Do, do! Brocante Home gets better and better. In fact, if you are familiar with Alisons wonderful 'puttery treats' then perhaps, that is what I want to do- come up with some puttery treats for not just coping with this weather, but enjoying it!

I will report back...


melissa said...

Such a restful post! I've known of you through Alison, and have visited here from time to time. As a matter of fact, I read a book you recommended ages ago..."The Historian". Am going to search out "The Brimstone Wedding" next.

Enjoy your day!

Donna said...

Hi Mimi I am your swapee for the goddess swap. I keep popping in from time to time to read all about you. Nice to 'meet' you sweetie :-)

Anonymous said...

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