Tuesday, 28 February 2006

Sleepy In The Library

Lovley Carl got up to Scotland safely- despite my fears of him being 'blizzarded' as I put it last night. He woke me up with a kiss and some tea at around half four this morning so I could wave him off. I dozed for what I thought was a couple of hours...but when I got out of the shower I realised that it was only half five! So I am sitting in the library, and it is quiet, and my eyes are heavy, and I almost feel that I could just find a quiet corner where the old books are, rest my head against them and go to sleep.

I left a light on at home this morning so our little flat won't be dark when I get home. Within ten minutes of Carl leaving though, I seem to have broken the alarm clock, so I am slightly worried about that for tomorrow! (Push that button down to the bottom then up one, and this button all the way down. Simple you would think? Pah!)

We had a dusting of snow at lunch time, all at once whirling, whirling, swirling around, but then quite suddenly, gone. Still, I did buy a small bar of chocolate so I can make myself orange hot chocolate to have while I watch Gordon Ramsay and keep our little snake company tonight!

It really is the most divine recipe, from Country Kitchen magazine. I have tweaked it a little, and will post it tomorrow. If I ever wake up having broken the alarm clock!

Monday, 27 February 2006

Red lips, red nails, red wine...black dress!

I woke up Sunday morning decidedly delicate, after a night of red wine and dancing, but it felt so decadent to have been out dancing until past midnight! I recovered with a cup of tea in a hot bath with the wonderful Lost Art of Keeping Secrets by Eva Rice before tripping off to a lunch party in my new high heels!

Oh the party was lovely, quite lovely. It was a 60th birthday for a lady at work, and all her friends and family were there, and people from work, and there was such a wonderful atmosphere. I arrived bundled up against the cold in my long black coat and a big dark pink feather boa-y scarf I knitted. Underneath? A really good copy of the Roland Mouret Galaxy Dress in black, with a black beaded bracelet tied up with a black bow, and the most divine shoes. They were high, black velvet sling backs, with a peep toe and bow on each. I did the red lips red nails thing (thank heavens it was cold, my nail polish set quickly!) and after a little frantic dabbing of glue, managed to get my left false eyelash stuck on.

Doesnt it sound over the top a bit? But I did feel fabulous. Especially as a) the whole outfit cost under £35! and b) the shoes were two sizes smaller than I would normally take and c) the dress was a size 16! Hurrah! Oh, and the dress looked hideous on the hanger, worse going on, but as the last bit of the zipper zipped, it seemd to just work!

I think someone was taking photos that night- if any come to light I shall attempt to post it, so you can see the lovely kind dress!

Lovely Carl is flying to Scotland this week for three days for his job. (I like to say 'on business', doesn't that sound grand?!) I am currently worried about the snow we have been predicted for this week. I have visions of his being snowed in at Scotland, or the plane being blizzarded upon and all manner of similar nasties. I have found out a rather good pair of gloves that are tiny, but when you put them on, they magically stretch to accomodate your hands! And in a cheery pink to match my scarf. So with that and my stash of tea bags I am all prepared to do battle with the elements...and to sit and worry about Carl!

Friday, 24 February 2006


I forgot to mention that walking to work yesterday was like walking in a snow globe that had just been shaken up! It turned to sleet by lunchtime, and now, it is just cold....hot cocoa is just begging to be made!

I have been invited to a party Saturday night. Oh, I love parties! A lot of my favourite people will be there. But here is the problem. I have a vision of what I shall wear in my head, so clear, it is almost like a photo. I shall curl my hair, paint my nails and lips red, put on my fluttery eyelashes, and be wearing a soft, soft black wrap dress, and my red jewelry that lovely Carls lovely parents bought me for Christmas. Either that, or a soft long black skirt, and a black top with red embroidery on the front.

The problem with this? Alas, I can find nothing in the shops like it! There is one dress in Marks and Spencer that would do....but it clings the slightest bit too much to the round of my tummy to make me feel fabulous. And I do, I do so want to feel fabulous.

The back up plan? A red shirt unlike anything in my wardrobe that I have seen in Evans. The problem with that, is that it needs trousers, and I don't do trousers. Never, ever, ever. Apart from pyjamas. The last time I wore trousers in public was to do the Moonwalk Marathon two years ago. Failing that, I have a pale pink top, that ties around the neck, a little bit like the top half of that white dress that Marilyn Monroe wore. But it needs a sparkly pink brooch to go with it, and either a long cream or maybe black skirt.

And just one lunch hour to narrow it down, and purchase whatever it is that I shall purchase.....what a mission!

Wish me luck!

(I should mention that I am not nearly as obsessed with shopping as my last few posts would have you believe! I have not had a new outfit in quite a while, and this is our first party in a while too...so think kindly of me!)

Thursday, 23 February 2006

Covet, covet

I have been walking into work since Carl started his new job, and my route takes me (well, the route I have chosen for this very reason, takes me) past Yum Yum Jelly, a delightful little shop, three stories tall and narrow, with beautiful purple carpets. They sell what can only be described as delightful fripperies that make my heart sing. Think Paul and Joe makeup, beautiful ice lolly moulds with vintage flowers on them, all kinds of such things. And the window displays are beautiful.

For the last two weeks I have had my eye firmly fixed upon a fig candle by Ecoudray. They had one burning last time I was in. At £7.50 it is not eye wateringly expensive, but just enough to make me wait for pay day before I indulged.

And today, praise be, is pay day. So I went in, and not only did I come out with my beautiful fig candle, but a lovley glass which I shall use to put our toothbrushes in. It has a delightful scalloped lip, and is at once chunky enough to be robust, but strangely delicate at the same time. It was in the sale, also.

My other pay day indulgence, that I am going to save up for next week (I have a day off) is this vase I have seen in Woolworths of all places. It comes in pink or cream, and is quite short, with a bulbous bottom (!) and a thin neck, and will look wonderful with a single luscious peony, or an overblown rose in it. And at just £3, a bargain I think.

Tonight I am going to have a lovely bath, then light my new candle and read for half an hour in bed. I love having a bed time candle.

I do love the pleasure of a spontaneous purchase, the serendipitous find, but equally, I love the anticipation and the coveting stage of little treasures!

Tuesday, 21 February 2006

A Lunch Time of Sleet and Selecting From the Shelves

Often, at lunch time, I like to get out and about for a breath of fresh air. You see, the library where I work is technically the basement level of the building. Although there are windows at the back and sides, we are so big that we get very little natural light, and no proper ventilation.

But today, my constitutional was thwarted by an icy shower of sleet. (You see, I did say that it was my fault I had chased away the Spring with my spring cleaning, and this is my punishment!)So instead, I decided to choose myself a few new books to read from the library shelves. Working in a library, you often see books in passing, but tend to neglect setting aside some time for delicious browsing and choosing. I headed for the Classics section. It amuses me how many friends are there- Jane Austen of Course, Elizabeth Gaskell, Elizabeth Von Arnim too- and all of these ladies make me laugh out loud with their writing, but there they are, filed away under Classics which I fear is such a bad disguise for them. I wonder how many people pass them buy expecting them to be grown up and hard, when they are really such fun?

Anyway, I chose out Miss Petigrew Lives For A Day, as I have been coveting it since it appeared in the delightful Persephone Books catalogue, and also the collected short stories of Colette. I plan on reading Miss Petigrew as my book as it were, and have Colette at bed time.

I am also happily knitting away at the moment on little Easter Chicks. I am sure I have mentioned these before, but I am so taken with these that I shall talk a little more about them. They knit up in an hour or less, and then you give them little felt eyes and a beak, a little jaunty ribbon bow around her neck, and a little dear ribbon bonnet. (Then comes the stuffing them with a little chocolate egg!) I am so looking forward to going to the haberdashery stall in our market and choosing the bonnet ribbons and the neck ribbons!

The pattern is really quite easy, if you can do knit stitch, knit two together, and increase. I am finding this project particularly satisfying as it is a pattern I have adapted from a chick that my Gran knitted for me. I am willing to share if anyone would like to have a go? Just let me know!

I finish work late tonight- 7, which I suppose is not so very late, but having worked since 9 it seems late- but anyway, tonight will find me on my sofa, knitting and reading by candlelight, and listening to the sleet on the windows.

Monday, 20 February 2006

Delectable Day

There are so many scrumptious words in the world, that it is sometimes difficult to remember them all and give them all a fair airing. Every now and then, I will read something and think, why don’t I use that word more often?

And this morning when I was visiting the lovely blog of Vintage Pretty, www.vintagepretty.blogspot.com I saw the word delectable, and had such a moment. Musing further bought me to the conclusion that delectable is just the word to describe my Sunday.

Sundays are always precious days to me, partly because it is the one day I never have to work. This weekend I had to work Saturday, and we were fairly rushed off of our feet in the library, so I was all ready to wring every bit of loveliness out of Sunday as I could!

We started by going to the Farm Shop, where I showed what I consider to be Herculean restraint, by not buying the Violet Creams. (When I got home and discovered a Carl shaped mouse has been nibbling on my mint creams, and left me with buy one to last the week, I regretted this restraint somewhat!) I love buying from the Farm shop. We then flitted into town, where I spied the perfect Carl shirt in Burtons (pale blue and with stripes) and on the sale rail no less. Then we saw Casanova, and we very nearly had the cinema to ourselves. So I ignored the fact that another couple had come in to, and pretended to myself that we had hired the whole place. I enjoyed the film very much- oh, but it made me sigh for Venice! And although I would certainly not turn down a trip to Venice now, what I am really sighing for is a trip to Venice then, with the beautiful period dresses, and the fireworks, and the romance of it all!

When we got home, I was probably more excited than it is reasonable to be, to discover that most of my bunch of daffodils has opened! And despite it being only a little past 3, I got into my pyjamas and resolved to stay in them for the rest of the day. I baked a banana cake for lovely Carl to take in slices in his lunch box, I made some macaroons to take into work today (I think Monday mornings need sweetening up a little!) and then I made pork with beans for dinner. We listened to Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix on tape in the living room, while I knitted away on the latest in my little clutch of Easter chicks. In general, we pottered about all evening, which ended with a scrumptious bath, and the end of my Passenger to Frankfurt Agatha Christie novel.

All in all a delectable day.

Several months ago, one of my friends and I decided that we would use more Austen-esque language in our daily lives. So, when amused, we would say ‘how excessively diverting!’ and so on. Don’t we sound terribly silly? But what is life if you cannot spread a little happy silliness in it?! And now I am going to try and use more lovely words. Delectable is at the top of my list. Scrumptious I am rather liberal with already. What other lovely words can I start peppering my life with?

Tag! I'm it!

Playing Tag

Sharon K tagged me! I have never been tagged before, so am rather excited. I spent the mornings walk into work pondering these questions.

What were the three things you wanted to be when you were growing up?

A Nurse. I read a lot of girls story books written in the 50’s and 60’s while I was growing up, such as ‘Cherry Ames’, and I thought it would all be darling white caps, starched aprons, and marrying a doctor!

An Author. And still I love to write, need to write even, perhaps as much as reading or more so. One day, one day.

A Teacher. You see where books lead you? From some second hand shop or the other I bought a set of big thick books by Enid Blyton, which were about being a primary school teacher- lovely worksheets for your pupils to colour in, nature walks and the like. And immediately I had my dolls all lined up for morning register!

You can relive one day from your childhood, what would it be?

Just an ordinary day I think, quite early primary school. Kicking through the leaves on the walk to school, home to my family, story time, bath time, bed. No homework yet to worry about, yet my little brother would have been born so the whole family would be there. Mum’s lovely dinners, the feeling that all is right with the world; that would be the day I would relive.

You have 2 minutes and a mover with you if you need heavy lifting help, to grab 5 things from your home before it morphs into a polka dotted hobgoblin and hops away. What will you take. (Food/drink/family/friends excluded)

This one gave me much thought. Assuming I am wearing my engagement ring (because I never take it off) and our little pet snake will slither away on his own), I would take:

The only letter Carl has ever written me. He is much more verbal than a writing notes kind of guy. But he wrote me one, one anniversary.

My Tiffany Pen. It is a handbag pen in Tiffany Blue, I had it for my 21st birthday. My Mum has a fountain pen that she had as a little girl and she still uses now. I want this to be my pen that my children see me using that I have from when I was younger.

A Knitted Easter Chick that my (now sadly departed) Gran knitted me one Easter. It is the kind that you put a crème egg up its insides! It wears a little ribbon bonnet. I have been teaching myself to knit these just recently.

What Katy Did as it was my Mums, from her Mum, and because I loved reading it when I was younger.

My collection of papers. What papers could these be? Nothing more or less than patterns I have photocopied from old magazines for little soft toy mice, or recipes from books, interesting bits clipped from newspapers, dresses that I think I would like to buy one day, things I have read on peoples blogs and saved for later…but could I grab them in 2 minutes? I have a habit of not organizing these bits in folders, or categories or even a box. No no, I tend to sandwich them in the backs of books and so on. Often has a friend of mine mentioned some subject of another, and I have taken down a completely unrelated book, to retrieve one of my little bits from the back of it!

You have to paint one quote on your kitchen wall. What would it be?

One of the newer libraries here has quotes painted along the handrail as you go up the stairs. I think that is really nice. So I would throw myself into painting quotes on my kitchen wall, were I not in a rented flat! But the quote…perhaps something foody? Because of the kitchen connection. Maybe a Nigella quote? Hmmm. I see the paint drying on the paint brush long before I have decided on a quote!

What is the one thing you want to accomplish by the end of the year?

One thing? One thing? How can I choose? Well then, perhaps to be more decisive, if that can be described as an accomplishment?

You are moving to the moon for one year and can only bring one flower with you. What flower will it be?

Well this is not helping me become more decisive at all! I love peonies, although I hate saying the word peony- it feels strange in my mouth. I adore the scent of violets, and freesias, and right now I have a constant vase of daffodils on my windowsill. How to choose, how to choose? Right now, daffodils I think, as their cheerful faces make me cheerful too.

You just received word that beside the one flower you can bring 5 books. What books would you bring?

Again, only five?!

Rivals by Jilly Cooper. What can I say? Should I be slung out of the library for confessing that I love a good light read for in the bath tub?

A Good Knitting Pattern Book So that I can merrily knit away.

Pride and Prejudice Because I can read it again and again and I have and I will continue to do so! And I can sit on the moon and sigh for Darcy…

Gone with the Wind Because it is good and thick! And I love the story very much.

And one at random from my bookshelves. Maybe a Nigella as I happily read her cookbooks like novels; maybe a Little House on the Prairie, maybe one of my old sewing and embroidery books from the 30’s….or perhaps The Enchanted April which I do not own….yet!

Tagging 3 lucky people

I have so enjoyed this! But I am not sure how many people read my blog, or how many of those would like to be tagged…

Alison I am tagging you unmercilessly I am afraid, as I should love to know what books you would take up there to the moon!

And my other two taggees- an open invite to anyone who reads me and would like to be tagged!

Thanks Sharon, this was so much fun!

Saturday, 18 February 2006

Recipe Time

When I started blogging, I had imagined that I would post about some of my adventures in the kitchen, and the recipes resulting from these adventures. So far I have not...not for any reason than I have not got round to it yet.

So here it is, my first recipe post. I had wanted to make gnocchi for quite a while. And last week, I tied on my Cath Kidston pinny, got out the potatoes, and went right ahead. Rather a yummy dinner as a consequence...although I did cheat slightly and use shop bought arrabiata sauce. Most exciting of all is that when you cook the gnocchi, you can tell they are done as they start to float in the water! This recipe makes enough for two, and creates little in the way of washing up.

250g potatoes (I used maris piper)
half a bunch of basil (how big was the bunch? The smallest one Tesco does!)
100g plain flour (I like to use Marriages as they are local, but really any would do)

1 small tub arrabiata sauce, or make your own if you are feeling adventurous!

1 small ball mozarella

First peel and boil your potatoes until they are soft. Then mash them well- they need to be really smooth. I have one of those stick blenders that came with my beloved Mulitquick set which does a good job. Don't add any milk or butter here. Then, tear the basil into small pieces and stir in. A touch of salt and a grinding of black pepper would not go amiss here I think.

Now add the flour, starting off with a wooden spoon, then knead to get a stiff dough. Cut into pieces about the size of you thumb nail joint, and roll them into a little ball shape. This is quite theraputic, perhaps because of the repetiveness, or perhaps because it reminds me of playing with play dough!

Have ready a large saucepan of boiling water, and drop in the gnochhi, about ten at a time. They sink at first, and then float joyously to the surface when done. Remove with a slotted spoon once they are floating, then lightly drain on kitchen paper. It is a matter of minutes before they start to float, to give you an idea of timing.

When they are all cooked, stir them into the sauce, and divide the saucy gnocchi between two oven proof dishes. Top with slices of the mozarella (or at least the slices that you have resisted nibbling on while the gnocchi was cooking if you are like me!) then bake for around 20 minutes at 175oC or thereabouts.

When I try a new dish, I always ask Carl if it is a 'make it again' dish. This one passed- although I rather think he would prefer to do the rolling of the gnocchi rather than the washing up of the mashed potato pan this time!

Thursday, 16 February 2006

Scrumptious, Scrumptious Day

Today has been one of those unplanned but scrumptious days. Tomorrow would normally be my day off, as I am working Saturday, but as I am needed at work tomorrow, I have today off instead.

Now that Carl is working in the same town as my parents live, it means I can hitch a ride in with him so I can pay a visit, rather than trundle in on the bus. It means being up bright and early (think just after 6) but it meant that I got to see a beautiful sunrise, and the day seems so fresh and new, in that early grey light.

Mum and I like to go out and have an adventure, usually involving a craft shop or two, but today we had nothing planned. I like these spontaneous days though. We went to a craft shop in Tiptree for curtain rings (Mum has been making me fabulous curtains, green with orangey oak leaves. They are much prettier than that sounds!) and then went on to a nursery, where we had a wonderful lunch and bought some plants. They have a kind of conservatory you can sit in, and look out over a slight valley. All the food is home made, and we shared an odd but delicious collectin of a sausage roll, a cheese scone and a piece of walnut coffee cake with lots of coffee. As we ate, the sky turned the most wonderful slate grey and it rained. Once we had picked up some lovely plants (I was treated to a wonderful little pot plant, who scrunches up her leaves in protest when you stroke her) we drove out and followed the dark clouds and rain. It was amazing driving through the countryside, turning one corner to see brilliant blue blue sky, and another to be under the deepest slate grey. It is scenes like this that make me wish I could paint.

On the way home, Mum pointed out a patch of snowdrops that have been coming up on the same bank since she was a little girl.

Now we are at home, so cozy in the living room. I have just borrowed the internet, visited some favourite blogs and thought I would post a little. We were saying earlier, all the beautiful things we have seen today have been free. Isn't it amazing how much beauty surrounds us?

Ohh, and also, a wonderful new magazine, Living and Gardens we discovered. Very Shabby Chic, and with a free cook book magazine. It featured beautiful Cath Kidston-esque bedding from Marks and Sparks...after pay day I do believe I shall be indulging!

Another thing- I dropped my purse while paying for a new candle for my chamber stick in the craft shop, and later on discovered my cash card was missing. A lovely boy had picked it up and handed it in, but not left his name so I could not say thank you. But I am definitley sending out thankful thoughts!

More thankful thoughts due to the lovely people who are kind enough to stop by my blog, and leave such delightful comments as I have just found.

It might be raining, but maybe because it is raining even, it is a glorious day.

Tuesday, 14 February 2006

A tiny step closer

I once read that in order to become something, you had to act in that manner. So, if you wanted to become a writer, you had to adopt the habits of a writer. Make regular uniterrupted time for writing, keep writing supplies handy and so on. In the same way, to become thin, or more healthy, you should copy the habits of those you hope to emulate, by eating an apple for a snack and so on. And all of a sudden, it should click, and you will be there.

What a ramble that sounds, doesn't it? What I was coming to is that this morning, we had a little Valentines Breakfast. And on the glass topped coffee table, there was my beautiful Royal Doulton Country Chintz Roses Tea Set (mouthful! But beautiful!) some little candles burning, a pot of hyacinths and deep purple polyanthus on my glass cake stand, and little heart shaped scones that I baked, with jam out of my little jam pot decanter. And when I stepped back to look, I realised that click! Click! It fell into place. And here I am, in my delicious little flat, and I have become a Vintage Housekeeper. Of course it has always been inside me, but I have been slowly excavating this part of myself over the past few months.

I am not sure that this post sounds at all like I wanted it to. All I am trying to say is that since over the last few years, I have come to know my authentic self better (readers of Sarah Ban Breathnach will understand!) and I feel I am really being this authentic self right now. I feel like I have got there somehow. Like I have stopped wanting to be a Vintage Housekeeper, with that look and atmosphere to my home and self, and suddenly, I am.

The post bought me a wonderful Valentines Swap with lovely Shell from Australia. How clever and wonderful people are. A beautiful handmade card, and a wonderful Queen of Hearts Paper Doll, and some special little bits besides. I gave a very happy contented sigh at just how wonderful people are.

I hope everyone out there has a great many reasons for many happy sighs of pleasure today!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Monday, 13 February 2006

Spring Cleaning!

Blame me! Blame me for spring promptly disappearing and the showers coming. You see, because I had my idea of having a little display shelf on my bookshelf, I had to tidy it up. And before I knew it, this weekend, I had spring cleaned. I tossed out bag upon bag of stuff that had accumulated, and many piles of books for the charity shop. I hoovered, I turned out the kitchen cupboards. Every book came off of the shelf, the piles of books were sorted into piles and reshelved....Oh boy did I spring clean, and I, and the flat feel so much better for it.

But now of course, that I am prepared for spring- it has turned gloomy and started to rain! So blame me!

Not that I really mind of course, as I am merrily working my way through all of the puttery treats for February at Brocante Home, and it somehow feels better doing them when it is gloomy and rainy outside!

Now, what else? Oh yes, the postman bought me the most lovely parcel from Fairycakegirl, who is quite wonderful. The lovely girl has sent me her copy of Memoirs of a Geisha to read, and a lovely vintage valentines card for me to send, and a beautiful stuffed fabric heart as well. How kind, and how much it has brightened up my weekend. Its not that I dont love cleaning and throwing out, but it is so draining sometimes, and to have such a lovely parcel- well, I feel thoroughly spoiled.

In celebration of having our heating and hot water back, I also squeezed in a two hour bath...well I was dirty from all the cleaning!

Last night I did my favourite thing in cooking at the moment. I like to roast a free range chicken for dinner, and serve it with root vegetable mash. Then today I had cous cous chicken salad for lunch, and for dinner tonight I am making chicken soup, with the last of the left over chicken, and the stock I made from the bones. Then I also stirred a tin of skinless boneless pink salmon and some cheese into the left over root veg mash, and, voila, fishcakes for tomorrow night!

And then I went to bed to read Nigella, and feel blissful in my newly beautified flat.

Friday, 10 February 2006

More sunshine!

Perhaps it the Simple Abundance principle, of attracting what you concentrate on, but, joy, joy, Carl phoned me at work to tell me he got his job, and he starts next Wednesday!

I had a dream Tuesday night, where I went to Scotland (where the head office of his new company is) and told them off for keeping us waiting for a decision, so they said he could have the job. Then Wednesday I had a feeling like butterflies- then the call at lunch time! I am so happy, and, almost ridiculously excited at the thought of making little packed lunches up for him again!

So much other goodness- we went to a tea shop that I have known about for ages but have never got round to going to before, and had lovely lunch. Wonderful sandwiches, and tea that came in a pot, with matching cups and lovely silver spoons, and real fresh flowers on the tables. Such bliss! Then home to my Mum and Dads for a hot bath- hopefully our new boiler will be installed by the time I get home from work today!

Oh yes, and I went for a quick walk at lunch time, and found a lovely little glass dish with a little domed lid in a charity shop, which is perfect for putting a few pieces of turkish delight (yuck!) in as a treat for dear Carl, or a few violet creams (yum!) for me.

I am also planning a little 'spring is nearly here' display, but tomorrow I must first clean off a bookshelf for this. I have a little garland of felt flowers, and I think I shall put on a pot plant too, maybe a hyacinth? And the supermarket has these wonderful pastel coloured eggs on offer, so I may blow some of those and put in a dish too.

Tuesday, 7 February 2006


Oh it has been a rough, rough few days for me. You see, our boiler died last Wednesday, and since then we have had no hot water and no heating. The heating I can almost live without, because it has been fun to layer the blankets on the bed, have hot water bottles and candles gleaming.

It has been the lack of hot water that has really, really dragged me down. Having to wash your hands in icy water, and boil kettles for a wash in the morning, or drive ten miles to my dear Carls family house so we can have a shower before work. Dreaming of a long hot bath and a cup of tea, and it being so very near, yet so very out of reach. Having to cook dinner by what creates the least washing up rather than what my heart tells me to cook.

I know I should not complain, as by the end of the week I will have hot water again, and there are many people in the world without water at all, but it has just bought me down. And we have been waiting a week to hear if my lovely Carl got the job he went for and wants so much.

The last few days have been dark, which is part of why I have not blogged so much. I don't want people to read my words and feel dragged down. But today, today, they phoned and said the boiler is being put in on Friday. The job people phoned and said there would be a decision by the end of the day. I am going to Carls parents tonight for a long hot shower. A book I have been waiting for arrived at the library. And, today, our pet snake did basking under his new light for the very first time!

Today feels like we have turned a corner. That there is a cool spring breeze blowing, and soon daffodils will be nodding in the breeze. I feel like I have found a corner of sunlight, and I am basking in it just like our snake. I have a day off on Thursday. I am going to go to a bookshop-cafe to potter.

It feels like I have been clenching all my muscles with all my might, and suddenly....I can let go.

Anyone else ever feel like this?

I am so glad I have found my patch of sunshine again!

Monday, 6 February 2006

Candle Light

I had planned on February 2nd to have a candlelit breakfast to celebrate Candlemas. It was not to be, as we were not home for breakfast. (Doesn't that sound decadent! In fact, we stayed with my lovely fiance's parents that night, as it was his sisters birthday, and we wanted to be there for her birthday breakfast!). Then I thought of candlelit dinner, but, we were out for her birthday dinner!

In the end, nature stepped in, or else some higher force, and our boiler died, and we were without heat or hot water. So when we got back from the aforementioned birthday dinner, we had to light a table full of candles to keep warm by!

To begin with I thought this was a nice thing, that I still got my candlelight, but now, six days after our boiler departed this life, I am beginning to tire of being cold. I still love the candles, but wish they were just a whimsical loveliness rather than necessity!

On a happier note, while I was having a potter and a breath of fresh air at lunch time, I discovered that for £1 you can fill in a paper heart with a message, and the British Heart Foundation will display it in their window. So I did a valentines message for my lovely Carl. He is coming to meet me in the library this afternoon, to use a computer, then we are going to walk home together. I have a feeling we will be walking past the British Heart Foundation shop!