Monday, 20 February 2006

Delectable Day

There are so many scrumptious words in the world, that it is sometimes difficult to remember them all and give them all a fair airing. Every now and then, I will read something and think, why don’t I use that word more often?

And this morning when I was visiting the lovely blog of Vintage Pretty, I saw the word delectable, and had such a moment. Musing further bought me to the conclusion that delectable is just the word to describe my Sunday.

Sundays are always precious days to me, partly because it is the one day I never have to work. This weekend I had to work Saturday, and we were fairly rushed off of our feet in the library, so I was all ready to wring every bit of loveliness out of Sunday as I could!

We started by going to the Farm Shop, where I showed what I consider to be Herculean restraint, by not buying the Violet Creams. (When I got home and discovered a Carl shaped mouse has been nibbling on my mint creams, and left me with buy one to last the week, I regretted this restraint somewhat!) I love buying from the Farm shop. We then flitted into town, where I spied the perfect Carl shirt in Burtons (pale blue and with stripes) and on the sale rail no less. Then we saw Casanova, and we very nearly had the cinema to ourselves. So I ignored the fact that another couple had come in to, and pretended to myself that we had hired the whole place. I enjoyed the film very much- oh, but it made me sigh for Venice! And although I would certainly not turn down a trip to Venice now, what I am really sighing for is a trip to Venice then, with the beautiful period dresses, and the fireworks, and the romance of it all!

When we got home, I was probably more excited than it is reasonable to be, to discover that most of my bunch of daffodils has opened! And despite it being only a little past 3, I got into my pyjamas and resolved to stay in them for the rest of the day. I baked a banana cake for lovely Carl to take in slices in his lunch box, I made some macaroons to take into work today (I think Monday mornings need sweetening up a little!) and then I made pork with beans for dinner. We listened to Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix on tape in the living room, while I knitted away on the latest in my little clutch of Easter chicks. In general, we pottered about all evening, which ended with a scrumptious bath, and the end of my Passenger to Frankfurt Agatha Christie novel.

All in all a delectable day.

Several months ago, one of my friends and I decided that we would use more Austen-esque language in our daily lives. So, when amused, we would say ‘how excessively diverting!’ and so on. Don’t we sound terribly silly? But what is life if you cannot spread a little happy silliness in it?! And now I am going to try and use more lovely words. Delectable is at the top of my list. Scrumptious I am rather liberal with already. What other lovely words can I start peppering my life with?

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