Tuesday, 21 February 2006

A Lunch Time of Sleet and Selecting From the Shelves

Often, at lunch time, I like to get out and about for a breath of fresh air. You see, the library where I work is technically the basement level of the building. Although there are windows at the back and sides, we are so big that we get very little natural light, and no proper ventilation.

But today, my constitutional was thwarted by an icy shower of sleet. (You see, I did say that it was my fault I had chased away the Spring with my spring cleaning, and this is my punishment!)So instead, I decided to choose myself a few new books to read from the library shelves. Working in a library, you often see books in passing, but tend to neglect setting aside some time for delicious browsing and choosing. I headed for the Classics section. It amuses me how many friends are there- Jane Austen of Course, Elizabeth Gaskell, Elizabeth Von Arnim too- and all of these ladies make me laugh out loud with their writing, but there they are, filed away under Classics which I fear is such a bad disguise for them. I wonder how many people pass them buy expecting them to be grown up and hard, when they are really such fun?

Anyway, I chose out Miss Petigrew Lives For A Day, as I have been coveting it since it appeared in the delightful Persephone Books catalogue, and also the collected short stories of Colette. I plan on reading Miss Petigrew as my book as it were, and have Colette at bed time.

I am also happily knitting away at the moment on little Easter Chicks. I am sure I have mentioned these before, but I am so taken with these that I shall talk a little more about them. They knit up in an hour or less, and then you give them little felt eyes and a beak, a little jaunty ribbon bow around her neck, and a little dear ribbon bonnet. (Then comes the stuffing them with a little chocolate egg!) I am so looking forward to going to the haberdashery stall in our market and choosing the bonnet ribbons and the neck ribbons!

The pattern is really quite easy, if you can do knit stitch, knit two together, and increase. I am finding this project particularly satisfying as it is a pattern I have adapted from a chick that my Gran knitted for me. I am willing to share if anyone would like to have a go? Just let me know!

I finish work late tonight- 7, which I suppose is not so very late, but having worked since 9 it seems late- but anyway, tonight will find me on my sofa, knitting and reading by candlelight, and listening to the sleet on the windows.


Flossy said...

I loe choosing books from the library - in fact I went yesterday! I usually go for the crafty books though,. This trip I got books to teach myself to crochet, one of those things I never learned before now. I'm very excited about it!

VintagePretty said...

I could quite happily work in a library, although I'm not sure how much actual work would get done!

The easter chicks sound fantastic, I'd love to have a go if you wouldn't mind sharing the pattern :-)

Have you come across any Laurie Graham on your travels around the shelves? I can highly recommend The Future Homemakers of America which was just fantastic - I'm currently making my way through Mr Starlight which has a nice lulling writing style :-) This is, in between knitting dishcloths, housework and mammoth dog walks (this getting fit malarkey isn't half fun!)

Good luck with your 7pm - my mother worked in the library for some time, and I know how tired she was after a 10am-7pm shift!

BrocanteHome said...

Oh Mimi you are in for a treat: Miss Pettigrew is one of my most treasured books! A dream of a book- oh and Natasha is right Laurie Graham is a lovely read too...

Maggie Ann said...

Just stopping by...would love to see a picture of those chicks you are knitting.

Queen of our castle said...

I would love a copy of the pattern of the chicks :o) Could you email it to me? mrspinnington at tesco dot net? Thank you so much :o)