Friday, 10 February 2006

More sunshine!

Perhaps it the Simple Abundance principle, of attracting what you concentrate on, but, joy, joy, Carl phoned me at work to tell me he got his job, and he starts next Wednesday!

I had a dream Tuesday night, where I went to Scotland (where the head office of his new company is) and told them off for keeping us waiting for a decision, so they said he could have the job. Then Wednesday I had a feeling like butterflies- then the call at lunch time! I am so happy, and, almost ridiculously excited at the thought of making little packed lunches up for him again!

So much other goodness- we went to a tea shop that I have known about for ages but have never got round to going to before, and had lovely lunch. Wonderful sandwiches, and tea that came in a pot, with matching cups and lovely silver spoons, and real fresh flowers on the tables. Such bliss! Then home to my Mum and Dads for a hot bath- hopefully our new boiler will be installed by the time I get home from work today!

Oh yes, and I went for a quick walk at lunch time, and found a lovely little glass dish with a little domed lid in a charity shop, which is perfect for putting a few pieces of turkish delight (yuck!) in as a treat for dear Carl, or a few violet creams (yum!) for me.

I am also planning a little 'spring is nearly here' display, but tomorrow I must first clean off a bookshelf for this. I have a little garland of felt flowers, and I think I shall put on a pot plant too, maybe a hyacinth? And the supermarket has these wonderful pastel coloured eggs on offer, so I may blow some of those and put in a dish too.


Kristy said...

I was going to post this yesterday but not sure you need it now.
Never fear shadows.This simply means there's a light shining somewhere.
I not sure where it originates but a friend sent it to me once.Hope this is the start of a long and happy summer!

ms*robyn said...

ya, know I have never had violet creams. what do they taste like?
There is a new tea shop open near my home - wonderful teas with flowers etc in them. wanna swap some tea for some violet creams?
stop by and say hi at daily parcels, now you have a blog!