Tuesday, 14 February 2006

A tiny step closer

I once read that in order to become something, you had to act in that manner. So, if you wanted to become a writer, you had to adopt the habits of a writer. Make regular uniterrupted time for writing, keep writing supplies handy and so on. In the same way, to become thin, or more healthy, you should copy the habits of those you hope to emulate, by eating an apple for a snack and so on. And all of a sudden, it should click, and you will be there.

What a ramble that sounds, doesn't it? What I was coming to is that this morning, we had a little Valentines Breakfast. And on the glass topped coffee table, there was my beautiful Royal Doulton Country Chintz Roses Tea Set (mouthful! But beautiful!) some little candles burning, a pot of hyacinths and deep purple polyanthus on my glass cake stand, and little heart shaped scones that I baked, with jam out of my little jam pot decanter. And when I stepped back to look, I realised that click! Click! It fell into place. And here I am, in my delicious little flat, and I have become a Vintage Housekeeper. Of course it has always been inside me, but I have been slowly excavating this part of myself over the past few months.

I am not sure that this post sounds at all like I wanted it to. All I am trying to say is that since over the last few years, I have come to know my authentic self better (readers of Sarah Ban Breathnach will understand!) and I feel I am really being this authentic self right now. I feel like I have got there somehow. Like I have stopped wanting to be a Vintage Housekeeper, with that look and atmosphere to my home and self, and suddenly, I am.

The post bought me a wonderful Valentines Swap with lovely Shell from Australia. How clever and wonderful people are. A beautiful handmade card, and a wonderful Queen of Hearts Paper Doll, and some special little bits besides. I gave a very happy contented sigh at just how wonderful people are.

I hope everyone out there has a great many reasons for many happy sighs of pleasure today!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!


Flossy said...

Well done Mimi! That authentic person is inside all of us, if only we would let her out.

Your breakfast table sounds delightful, and so cozy and romantic - I hope you and Carl had a wonderful Valentine's Day together :)

BrocanteHome said...

To my mind Mimi, you have always been one of my girls: glad you had a scrumptious Valentines...

VintagePretty said...

Your valentines sounded lovely, isn't that the way it should be? :-)

Sharon K said...

I sure do enjoy your blog and I think you have the proper writing materials handy. I wish I could have come to your beautiful table for breakfast. I am new at this blogging so please come visit me.

Rachel said...

Just discovered your blog. Your table sounds so lovely. When you mentioned Royal Doulton I thought about "Keeping up Appearances" immediately! Love that show!

The Valentine Swap sounds very nice. What a neat surprise!