Friday, 24 February 2006


I forgot to mention that walking to work yesterday was like walking in a snow globe that had just been shaken up! It turned to sleet by lunchtime, and now, it is just cocoa is just begging to be made!

I have been invited to a party Saturday night. Oh, I love parties! A lot of my favourite people will be there. But here is the problem. I have a vision of what I shall wear in my head, so clear, it is almost like a photo. I shall curl my hair, paint my nails and lips red, put on my fluttery eyelashes, and be wearing a soft, soft black wrap dress, and my red jewelry that lovely Carls lovely parents bought me for Christmas. Either that, or a soft long black skirt, and a black top with red embroidery on the front.

The problem with this? Alas, I can find nothing in the shops like it! There is one dress in Marks and Spencer that would do....but it clings the slightest bit too much to the round of my tummy to make me feel fabulous. And I do, I do so want to feel fabulous.

The back up plan? A red shirt unlike anything in my wardrobe that I have seen in Evans. The problem with that, is that it needs trousers, and I don't do trousers. Never, ever, ever. Apart from pyjamas. The last time I wore trousers in public was to do the Moonwalk Marathon two years ago. Failing that, I have a pale pink top, that ties around the neck, a little bit like the top half of that white dress that Marilyn Monroe wore. But it needs a sparkly pink brooch to go with it, and either a long cream or maybe black skirt.

And just one lunch hour to narrow it down, and purchase whatever it is that I shall purchase.....what a mission!

Wish me luck!

(I should mention that I am not nearly as obsessed with shopping as my last few posts would have you believe! I have not had a new outfit in quite a while, and this is our first party in a while think kindly of me!)


Kristy said...

Try something new and go for the trousers!Enjoy the thrill of something new!

BrocanteHome said...

Isn't it funny? I don't do skirts and live in black trousers. So not vintage! Whats the red top like in Evans?

Cookie said...

Im with Alison...I live in black trousers too. How can you survive life in England with no trousers ?? Hope you find something swishy to wear to the party. Have Fun !!!

Rachel said...

I think trousers would be fine. Good luck, hope you find something just perfect!

VintagePretty said...

Good luck, I'm sure you'll look ravishing whatever you wear! The red nails and lips will be a delight - do we get pictures?! hehe

I am skirts girl myself too, I have this houndstooth check woolen 1940's affair, which is new but looks gorgeously old, that I can't help but wear - it makes me feel really good :-)

Mimi said...

Oh, Vintage Pretty, your skirt sounds fabulous, I love it when an outfit looks great and feels great!

Sad to say ladies, I chickened out of the trousers- I just don't have the confidence for them yet. I also blame my genes- my Mum told me she wore trousers one night only, in a darkened room!