Tuesday, 28 February 2006

Sleepy In The Library

Lovley Carl got up to Scotland safely- despite my fears of him being 'blizzarded' as I put it last night. He woke me up with a kiss and some tea at around half four this morning so I could wave him off. I dozed for what I thought was a couple of hours...but when I got out of the shower I realised that it was only half five! So I am sitting in the library, and it is quiet, and my eyes are heavy, and I almost feel that I could just find a quiet corner where the old books are, rest my head against them and go to sleep.

I left a light on at home this morning so our little flat won't be dark when I get home. Within ten minutes of Carl leaving though, I seem to have broken the alarm clock, so I am slightly worried about that for tomorrow! (Push that button down to the bottom then up one, and this button all the way down. Simple you would think? Pah!)

We had a dusting of snow at lunch time, all at once whirling, whirling, swirling around, but then quite suddenly, gone. Still, I did buy a small bar of chocolate so I can make myself orange hot chocolate to have while I watch Gordon Ramsay and keep our little snake company tonight!

It really is the most divine recipe, from Country Kitchen magazine. I have tweaked it a little, and will post it tomorrow. If I ever wake up having broken the alarm clock!

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Flossy said...

I loathe alarm clocks - always have. But I'm a heavy sleeper, so I have to have them so loud they'd wake the dead!

Hope yours recovers, and that recipe sounds yum!