Monday, 13 February 2006

Spring Cleaning!

Blame me! Blame me for spring promptly disappearing and the showers coming. You see, because I had my idea of having a little display shelf on my bookshelf, I had to tidy it up. And before I knew it, this weekend, I had spring cleaned. I tossed out bag upon bag of stuff that had accumulated, and many piles of books for the charity shop. I hoovered, I turned out the kitchen cupboards. Every book came off of the shelf, the piles of books were sorted into piles and reshelved....Oh boy did I spring clean, and I, and the flat feel so much better for it.

But now of course, that I am prepared for spring- it has turned gloomy and started to rain! So blame me!

Not that I really mind of course, as I am merrily working my way through all of the puttery treats for February at Brocante Home, and it somehow feels better doing them when it is gloomy and rainy outside!

Now, what else? Oh yes, the postman bought me the most lovely parcel from Fairycakegirl, who is quite wonderful. The lovely girl has sent me her copy of Memoirs of a Geisha to read, and a lovely vintage valentines card for me to send, and a beautiful stuffed fabric heart as well. How kind, and how much it has brightened up my weekend. Its not that I dont love cleaning and throwing out, but it is so draining sometimes, and to have such a lovely parcel- well, I feel thoroughly spoiled.

In celebration of having our heating and hot water back, I also squeezed in a two hour bath...well I was dirty from all the cleaning!

Last night I did my favourite thing in cooking at the moment. I like to roast a free range chicken for dinner, and serve it with root vegetable mash. Then today I had cous cous chicken salad for lunch, and for dinner tonight I am making chicken soup, with the last of the left over chicken, and the stock I made from the bones. Then I also stirred a tin of skinless boneless pink salmon and some cheese into the left over root veg mash, and, voila, fishcakes for tomorrow night!

And then I went to bed to read Nigella, and feel blissful in my newly beautified flat.


Flossy said...

Doesn't it feel so good to purge? I'm in the middle of it too, Mimi, but I'm taking a bit slower than you.

I'm sure Spring will come back soon :)

Kristy said...

You talk about the puttering treats at Brocante Home.How can I find out about them?