Monday, 27 February 2006

Red lips, red nails, red dress!

I woke up Sunday morning decidedly delicate, after a night of red wine and dancing, but it felt so decadent to have been out dancing until past midnight! I recovered with a cup of tea in a hot bath with the wonderful Lost Art of Keeping Secrets by Eva Rice before tripping off to a lunch party in my new high heels!

Oh the party was lovely, quite lovely. It was a 60th birthday for a lady at work, and all her friends and family were there, and people from work, and there was such a wonderful atmosphere. I arrived bundled up against the cold in my long black coat and a big dark pink feather boa-y scarf I knitted. Underneath? A really good copy of the Roland Mouret Galaxy Dress in black, with a black beaded bracelet tied up with a black bow, and the most divine shoes. They were high, black velvet sling backs, with a peep toe and bow on each. I did the red lips red nails thing (thank heavens it was cold, my nail polish set quickly!) and after a little frantic dabbing of glue, managed to get my left false eyelash stuck on.

Doesnt it sound over the top a bit? But I did feel fabulous. Especially as a) the whole outfit cost under £35! and b) the shoes were two sizes smaller than I would normally take and c) the dress was a size 16! Hurrah! Oh, and the dress looked hideous on the hanger, worse going on, but as the last bit of the zipper zipped, it seemd to just work!

I think someone was taking photos that night- if any come to light I shall attempt to post it, so you can see the lovely kind dress!

Lovely Carl is flying to Scotland this week for three days for his job. (I like to say 'on business', doesn't that sound grand?!) I am currently worried about the snow we have been predicted for this week. I have visions of his being snowed in at Scotland, or the plane being blizzarded upon and all manner of similar nasties. I have found out a rather good pair of gloves that are tiny, but when you put them on, they magically stretch to accomodate your hands! And in a cheery pink to match my scarf. So with that and my stash of tea bags I am all prepared to do battle with the elements...and to sit and worry about Carl!


VintagePretty said...

If can't wait to see a picture if you can get one - how fantastic! I'm sure Carl will be fine, if the BBC is anything to go by we're supposed to be snowed up to the gills by now, but all we've had is a dismal amount of very cold rain!

Thanks for the comment too!

Flossy said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic time, and looked sooo glamourous! Good luck to Carl for his business trip - he'll be just fine, I'm sure :)

Kristy said...

Glad you had a great time!The dress sounds lovely isn't nice to get all glammed up?I wish I had more opportunities to!