Friday, 31 August 2007

Turning Out The Airing Cupboard

I am still very tired from the flight has affected me more than I thought, so in between lots of cups of tea, I decided to do some puttering while dear Carl was back at work.

So, I turned to the airing cupboard. We have been so spoiled by our family and friends, we have a great many new towels and sheets and pillowcases, so I made a pile of old things to give away, and sorted everything else into neat piles, layered them with lavender bags, and put them back. I found a new space in there for my pink feather dusters, and lined up all our shoes neatly at the bottom.

Then, the best treat, I got out all my vintage pillowcases, doilies, tablecloths and little bits of pretties, and smoothed them out, then packed them into a sweet little cardboard suitcase I had bought to keep my wedding shoes in.

It is such bliss now, to open my airing cupboard door, and see all these piles of lovely fresh things waiting for me. Can there be a happier way to putter away an hour or two?

And can any of you answer my tea conundrum? While we were in Barbados, we still drank tea, despite the heat! And we had the most delicious Yellow Label Lipton Tea. I was going to bring some back with me, but ran out of space in my luggage, and now I am told that it cannot be purchased in this country! Can it be true? Do any of you know of a secret source of this yellow labeled bliss in a cup?

What is your favourite tea to sip?

Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Hello From Mrs Mimi!

Well, we did it! We got ourselves good and married, and although it was exhausting, and a little bit stressful (just wait for the teaspoon incident that had me tearing my hair out the night before the wedding!) it was utterly wonderful, and I just love being a wife!

So, if you will, make yourself a cup of tea in your favourite cup, and I will tell you all about it. I just wish that I could give you all a slice of my wedding cake to go with it! I will tell you about the day first, and then the night before...

We (me, my Mum and sister, and Carl's sisters and Mum) got ready at Carl's parents house. I stayed the night before with my Mum and Dad, and woke up at 5.30am full of butterflies and excitement! It felt like we had a lot of time before the 1.00pm wedding, but when I was getting my hair dried, it suddenly felt like time was just rushing by. The next thing I knew, my sisters best friend was doing my makeup, then I was in my dress, and suddenly I was having my photograph taken in the back garden! Before I knew it, we were in the darling, darling vintage car (google ivy wedding cars, and ours was Ivy sweet!) and pulling up at the church on the sunniest Saturday I can remember this year. I could see some friends scurrying into the church, and it felt like I had barely paused for breath before the organ started, and I was walking up the aisle.

It was an amazing feeling, everywhere I looked were friends and family, and dear Carl looked so handsome waiting at the front for me. When I got to the front, we held hands, and he was just shaking with excitement which was a special feeling. When we started saying our vows, I felt like it was too early on in the service, and before I knew it, we were pronounced husband and wife! One of the best parts was standing at the front of the church for the last hymn (Lord of All Hopefullness, which is one of my favourites, written by the author of Mrs Miniver) and hearing everyone singing. It wasn't until we were walking back up the aisle that I noticed our beautiful hydrangea pew ends. Hydrangeas were the flowers for the day- my girls carried white hydrangeas, and my bouquet was blue hydrangeas with white and pink roses.

The dear little car took us off to our reception, where we met our guests on the lawn and had some Pimms, then they went up to the room for the restaurant, and we waited for them to be seated, We then joined them, and had the most delicious afternoon tea. We offered pink champagne and tea to have with the tiny sandwiches, and then the cake stands were cleared and scones were bought round, handed out with cake tongs from silver trays. Then the cake stands were bought back out filled with tiny cakes, and we finished with toasts and little pieces of wedding cake.

I really couldn't believe where the time had gone, because we barely had time to say hello to everyone before it was time to throw my bouquet and leave for a quite dinner for two..

Oh, but there are so many things I have left out. That the room was decorated with bunting made by my Mum, from fabric including the same that she used to make me clothes out of as a baby; she also made little fabric hearts to hang from ribbon from the backs of all the chairs. I must have mentioned that we hired mismatched beautiful vintage china for everyone? We filled the sugar bowls with those crumbly rocky squares of brown and white sugar, and scattered over crystallized violets. Oh, and we had little luggage labels tied to teaspoons to tell people where to sit on the tables, and at the end our bridesmaids gave out tiny jars of Wilkinson jam (we live near the village that makes it) with little gingham hats tied on. It was so pretty....I have asked my husband to work his magic and put some pictures on the computer so I can post some here...

So, the day was lovely, and we had a blissful fortnight away. But the night before, was stressful indeed. The morning was lovely- all the girls spent the morning making buttonholes, bouquets, all these little things. And in the evening we went to set up the reception room. And oh, what a mess! There were too many tables out, no cake stand, and I couldn't see how the room was ever going to come together. But after several hours and a lot of work, suddenly, the whole room just came together, and it was worth it. But there were tears and tiredness before it happened! Particularly when we went to find the teaspoons to tie the name tags on, and they were not there. So I phoned the lovely lady we had hired the china from, to be told that our reception site had sent the teaspoons away! It sounds so trivial now, but I was so cross! And it meant we had to scurry round finding every spare teaspoon that we could find!

Well this has been quite a long post, and I have a great many of your lovely blogs to catch up on....I have had a great time, but I missed you all!

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

The End of Miss Mimi!

Well, this is the last time I will be posting as Miss Mimi! When I am back (probably some time in September, although I am very tempted to blog from honeymoon, maybe just once!) I will be Mrs Mimi instead!

We have been busy this week, making our own order of service booklets, making little fabric hats for the miniature jars of jam we are giving our guests as a reminder of our day, and lot of other little things like that.

Today is my last day at work, and I have full to do lists for every day until Saturday.....make buttonholes! Help with bouquets! Put up bunting!

love to you all, have a scrumptious August!