Friday, 31 August 2007

Turning Out The Airing Cupboard

I am still very tired from the flight has affected me more than I thought, so in between lots of cups of tea, I decided to do some puttering while dear Carl was back at work.

So, I turned to the airing cupboard. We have been so spoiled by our family and friends, we have a great many new towels and sheets and pillowcases, so I made a pile of old things to give away, and sorted everything else into neat piles, layered them with lavender bags, and put them back. I found a new space in there for my pink feather dusters, and lined up all our shoes neatly at the bottom.

Then, the best treat, I got out all my vintage pillowcases, doilies, tablecloths and little bits of pretties, and smoothed them out, then packed them into a sweet little cardboard suitcase I had bought to keep my wedding shoes in.

It is such bliss now, to open my airing cupboard door, and see all these piles of lovely fresh things waiting for me. Can there be a happier way to putter away an hour or two?

And can any of you answer my tea conundrum? While we were in Barbados, we still drank tea, despite the heat! And we had the most delicious Yellow Label Lipton Tea. I was going to bring some back with me, but ran out of space in my luggage, and now I am told that it cannot be purchased in this country! Can it be true? Do any of you know of a secret source of this yellow labeled bliss in a cup?

What is your favourite tea to sip?

Have a lovely weekend!


tash said...

It sounds like you had a lovely day of puttering. I've got the day off!! Wonderful. We're off to a car-boot sale this afternoon, perfect :)

I did a little research about Lipton, I know you can buy their iced-tea here already, and there is a Lipton UK Ltd so I'm guessing they do sell over here - there is also a website :

Which is run by Lipton and there is also another site:

which sells Lipton tea but has expensive postage - hope this helps!

Hamilton70554 said...

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The Heidi Chronicles said...

What a lovely couple you are - and what a wonderful idea to have a tea with the beautiful vintage dishes! We only got married at the local courthouse while my now-husband was on an extended visit from the UK, but now I would love to renew our vows and have a proper wedding now that all of our immigration woes are behind us! Thank you for the inspiration and heartiest congratulations! Marriage is wonderful!

Simply Amethyst said...

What a wonderful puttering day... I'm afraid mine are way too busy this time of year for that... *sigh* Maybe a little farther into the homeschool year...
My husband and I were married in a church, but the only people there were my mother and sister, his parents, sister and neice and nephew. Our 23 anniversary is in April, I would love a "renewing" of the vows wedding... (especially when I hear of happy weddings like yours!)
Good luck on the tea!