Tuesday, 4 September 2007


Imagine my delight when I walked to work this morning, and felt a teeny, tiny, but utterly scrumptious nip in the air! On the walk in, there were fallen leaves to scrunch through, and I had in my bag some greengages! My toes are postiviely srunched up with excitement- because Autumn is coming!

I was going to write about how fantastic September is, but look! Midori has beaten me to it! Visit her at http://prettylittleblog.blogspot.com and read her delightful post, 'September'. All she says is what I feel. I love the back-to-school feeling, the contradictory starting-anew-but-starting-to-hibernate-too feeling. After nearly a month off, I went back to work on Monday, and it felt like a new school term. I wore my new pumpkin orange dress (from Sainsburys) with thick black tights, and took with me a brand new fountain pen to write out dewey numbers with. And what is going back to school, without homework?

But now I am a grownup (!) what fantastic homework I shall have! I want to knit hot water bottles, bake myself jacket potatoes, eat plums and greengages, perfect my hot chocolate recipe, and make a 'welcome autumn' wreath for the front door. I want to eat porridge for breakfast, and carve pumpkins and make sloe gin, and spiced plum butter. I want to find the perfect hot chocolate nail polish for my fingers, and deep inky purple for my toes. I want to start making Christmas cards (I design and make about 150 each year, so it is ok to start this early, I promise!), and to knit coathanger covers that I found in a 1940's craft booklet. I want to make pasta, and go to apple day, and scrunch my way through a great many leafy walks. I want to finish stitching my halloween bell pull for the front door, and to curl up and watch black and white films in the afternoon, and so much more!

Much more pleasing than the homework I used to have at school! I shall also visit lovely Alison at www.brocantehome.typepad.com to look at her Autumn puttery treats and get some more ideas for lovely Autumn projects.....vanilla coffee and shortbread, anyone?

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