Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Scrumptious Saturday

Although planning our wedding was lovely, it did take up a lot of time. When you throw in that I have to work every other Saturday, I had not had a Saturday off just to play for far too long! (I am sure a little peruse of my blog will prove me wrong, but it feels like forever.

We wandered into town on Saturday, met my Mum and Dad and had a cup of coffee. We had a look around an exhibition of local scenes by local artists, and then I wandered off on my own for a while. First, I spent some long-hoarded book tokens on the new Nigella book. I also had a £10 off voucher from the Times, so it was even more of a treat! Then I wandered in and out of some charity shops, but did not find anything that called to me. It was nice to have the time just to browse, even if I didn’t find treasure today! My next port of call was the craft shop, as I wanted a heat gun to do embossing with on my Christmas cards. (Which of course meant, when I got home, I had to try it out)!

I picked up a chocolate brownie from a stall at the farmers market, and phoned dear Carl to see if he would like to join me for lunch to celebrate four whole weeks of being married! He did, and we went to a place that I had thought was far too trendy for me…but served an excellent steak sandwich! And so to home, where a happy afternoon was spent embossing with my new heat gun, reading, and sipping lots of tea.

I also spent a little time knitting….I have not knitted for a while. Mum gave me a bag full of vintage knitting, crochet and sewing patterns, and I spotted one for coathanger covers. Laugh if you must, but recently I have found myself drawn to such things more and more! And they always seem to cost so much in the shops. Besides, I rather like the idea of working from a vintage pattern. I chose blue and cream wool, so I can do all blue, all cream, cream and blue stripes, and maybe even cream and blue spots! The pattern also shows how to crochet little flowers to decorate them with, or I may just break out my daisy-maker, or felt scraps. It is a happy business indeed, spending time making something so frivolous! Talking of happy fripperies….my next Autumn project is going to be little marzipan acorns, with melted chocolate and vermicelli for the acorn ‘cup’……

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