Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Hoppity Skip Jump All The Way Home

Today is one of those days where I am perfectly happy in my work. I have a spring in my step which is not just down to my high heeled shoes, and a sparkle in my wake which is not just the glitter that was left on my desk to welcome me back to work. I can shelf tidy happily for hours, not minding how out of order the books are. I have a smile playing on my lips all the time.

And why? I have a delightful evening ahead! When I get home, I will be welcomed for the first time by the ‘Welcome Autumn’ wreath that I made and put up on my door at the weekend. (Pictures to follow once camera batteries recharged)! Then I am going to set my whistling kettle to boil for tea, whilst I tie on my Cath Kidston pinny and get to baking. I am making a blackberry, apple and plum frangipane pudding. I found the recipe last week, and we went blackberry picking on Sunday. Then I shall be curling up on my sofa this evening to watch the new episode of Nigella Express. My lovely friend Lisa may come to visit, in which case I shall feed her full of frangipane pudding, and if she doesn’t, I shall retreat into a hot bath for an hour or so.

Now, why can’t all Mondays be like this!?

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