Tuesday, 7 August 2007

The End of Miss Mimi!

Well, this is the last time I will be posting as Miss Mimi! When I am back (probably some time in September, although I am very tempted to blog from honeymoon, maybe just once!) I will be Mrs Mimi instead!

We have been busy this week, making our own order of service booklets, making little fabric hats for the miniature jars of jam we are giving our guests as a reminder of our day, and lot of other little things like that.

Today is my last day at work, and I have full to do lists for every day until Saturday.....make buttonholes! Help with bouquets! Put up bunting!

love to you all, have a scrumptious August!


tash said...

Squee! I'm so excited for you, please let me know how it all goes! Being married is one of the best things possible, and though sometimes tumultuous (what isn't?!) I don't regret a thing! Good luck!

fairycakegirl said...

All the very best sweetie, have a scrumptious time!