Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Lucky Girl

Gosh, it is so busy at the moment! Chelmsford, in case you didn't know, is hosting a huge Scout Jamboree, which means we have a lot of Scouts joining the library to use our free internet service. We are also running a summer reading scheme for the children, and we have all of our usual customers in as well, so this week it feels like I have been run off of my feet!

Add to that the fact that I have only 11 more sleeps to go until I get married, and perhaps you will all forgive the somewhat sporadic nature of my blogging recently!

I am resolved that when I am back from honeymoon to be a more regular blogger, and to post a little more about my cooking and crafting adventures.

We had the wedding rehearsal on Saturday, and, miraculously, it cured my butterflies. I have not been nervous about the wedding exactly, more really excited and aware of how much there is to do, and hopeing it will be a lovely day. I was waking up in the night with them, and taking ages to go to sleep because of them!

Last night my friend Lisa came to visit. We always have lovely chats on a Monday night, planning hedgerow adventures (such as Elderflower Cordial and Blackberry Brandy), clothes we want to make, and our appreciation of Mr Darcy and so on. Last night was even nicer than usual, as Lisa brought me a bunch of sweet peas picked from her garden. They are now sitting on my coffee table; they are so exuberantly cheerful and smell so sweet that I am quite determined that when I have my own garden I shall grow them, and bestow them as gifts.

I had another lovely surprise today- I arrived at work and found a box with a ribbon on my desk with a note saying 'open me' so I did. Nestled amongst scrumptious pink tissue paper was the most thoughtful thing in the world. A scrapbook of photographs from my hen party, and photographs of me as a little girl. There are also messages from friends, and memories of me from my sister and mum. Things I had half forgotten, or thought I had dreamed.

Like, for example a conversation when I was tiny, in the bath with my sister. Mum always insisted that we use proper words, always yes, never yeah. Always you, never yer. So, in the bath we were, when I noticed the condensation on the wall. Mum told me that it could also be called 'moisture' and, according to my sister, I frowned very hard at her and said 'Moist-YOU not Moist-YER Mum!'

Although I am loving organizing my wedding, there is a little tiny bit of me that is looking forward very much to being married, and being able to do crafts that are not wedding crafts, and read books, and cook, and do so much that I don't seem to have time for now!


fairycakegirl said...

Good luck for your wedding...

tash said...

Wow, it isn't long now! Let us know how it goes and don't forget to share the photos! Don't be nervous, just enjoy the run-up it the big day!