Sunday, 1 July 2007

Mimi Goes To London..

..not once but twice this weekend! And having been there last weekend as well, it seems to me that I have been there (or rather here) more in the last week than the last year!

And I say here, because although it is only 9.15am I am indeed blogging from London - a first for me! Dear Carl had to work this morning, and as I spent the whole of yesterday at Wimbledon, I asked if I could go in with him so I could share some of the weekend with him.

So this morning I had to get up at an ungodly hour, and catch an eye-blinkingly early train, but here I am! And in the early morning, I think London is just scrumptious. The advantage of going with someone else is that they often know lovely little places. For example, when we left Liverpool Street, we went by a different exit, and I discovered a delicious looking cheese shop, AND a tiny branch of Charbonnel et Walker!

And here I am, sipping coffee and typing away at dear Carls desk, in the basement of a building in London that I wouldn't have know was here, and am thinking how nice the place would look with a few vintage touches! Carl works in the I.T. department so there are a lot of computers and such things about, but I think that instead of having white walls, I would paint them in a lovely aqua-blue colour, and along all the edges of the shelves on the walls I would pin up some pretty rose-patterned ribbons. Although there is a little kettle, coffee maker and fridge, it lacks scrumptious little treats stashed away, and pretty cups. Out I would throw the plastic pen pots, and instead I would have little sparkling glass vases. I rather suspect that Carl's fellow I.T. boys are glad that I don't work here!

Wimbledon was lovely yesterday. Yes, it rained, and we saw less than an hours play (full refund!) but we did see an entire (although very one sided) match on Centre Court, and we got to see Rafael Nadal warming up for his match, just before rain stopped play. We were utterly ridiculous, sitting there in a little shelter made by holding several umbrellas in different positions, in utterly driving rain, but we were merry and in high spirits, which is surely all that matters?

And oh, imagine how I smiled to find that everywhere I looked were pink and blue hydrangeas- the very flowers that I am carrying for my wedding!

I was a little shocked at the £6 a glass they were charging for Pimms, and instead had a nice cup of tea. But sitting there, in my pink flowery rain coat, at Wimbledon, in the pouring rain, I couldn't help but think that it is nice to be a lady who enjoys these things!

And if all goes to plan, later this afternoon will find me firmly entrenched back in the countryside where I belong, visiting Carl's parents, and hopefully posting some pictures that I took while making my wedding cake, along with those walk-along-my-bookshelf pictures that I promised a while ago.

I do hope wherever you are the rain is not causing you too many problems and you are enjoying splashing through the puddles!


tash said...

It all sounds lovely! Oh to go to Wimbledon - it's just wet and dreary here, I ran outside to collect my washing from the line when I realised it was raining (it had been temporarily sunny, so I thought I'd risk it) and in the one minute it took for me to run out and in again I was soaked through to my undies. I had to towel myself off and change - never have I seen raindrops like those! In July, too! Where is Summer, a bit of sun to swell my pea pods please!

Hope you have a lovely week - in your new mac!

Midori said...

You weekend sounds very lovely depsite the rain. What would a British summer be like if the rain wasn't there?

Horrified by the £6 for Pimms!