Tuesday, 10 July 2007

I had sleepy, sleepy eyes last night. Carl was in the other room, revising for a computer exam, so I made us both a tiny cup of tea, and took mine to bed with me. I curled up with that, and 'Innocent Traitor', a historical novel about Lady Jane Grey by Alison Weir. I read until my eyelids grew heavy (not very long!) and slipped to sleep listening to the raindrops pattering on the window.

The past week has been a flurry of bits here, bits there, things to do, and that is what has left me a little tired out. And I spent the weekend worrying- and worrying is tiring- for it was Carl's stag weekend, in Wales. He had a marvellous time go-karting and paint-balling, and came away with some really impressive bruises! While I spent the weekend keeping myself busy, but worrying, gently.

(A little background information- I am five foot three and a bit if I stretch, and I am a few inches taller than dear Carl. His friends still have not worked out that being shorter = not being able to drink a lot. And he wanders when he has had a touch too much to drink. What if they lose him?!)

Friday night was bookclub- we had read A Short History of Tractors In Ukranian, which I expected to hate but found I really loved. I stayed with a friend from work that evening, and caught the early train into work Saturday. Saturday evening saw me firmly entrenched in my book (the Alison Weir) and decided to turn off the alarm clock, so I could wake up naturally on Sunday. And I woke at 6.30!

Delightful weather, so I did all the washing and hung it out to dry, and had a lovely time doing domestic putterings. Then my sister and her boyfriend dropped in to watch the Grand Prix with me, and after that there were the delights of Wimbledon, and before I knew it, Carl was home!

Monday evening my lovely friend Lisa came to visit, as she always does, and we drank tea and chatted, like we always do. She bought a picture of a baby bat they had found on their kitchen floor, and we chatted about the difference between larders and pantrys, and how when we have houses, we would like a pantry each. With ribbon on the edge of the shelves, and jars of home-made jam, and sacks of flour, and tins of lovely things.

We also mused upon what to wear to my hen night, which is next Saturday. There is a place called Easton Lodge, and they have wonderful gardens, and they are to be open in the evening for a twenties jazz concert! So we are going to have a picnic and listen to jazz, and giggle rather a lot, I think!

This week I will be knitting my new Chinese Waves dishcloth, writing out a final list of guests who will be attending our wedding, making a first attempt at a seating plan, baking chocolate and raisin biscuits, and painting my toe nails pink! Busy, busy!

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