Thursday, 23 February 2006

Covet, covet

I have been walking into work since Carl started his new job, and my route takes me (well, the route I have chosen for this very reason, takes me) past Yum Yum Jelly, a delightful little shop, three stories tall and narrow, with beautiful purple carpets. They sell what can only be described as delightful fripperies that make my heart sing. Think Paul and Joe makeup, beautiful ice lolly moulds with vintage flowers on them, all kinds of such things. And the window displays are beautiful.

For the last two weeks I have had my eye firmly fixed upon a fig candle by Ecoudray. They had one burning last time I was in. At £7.50 it is not eye wateringly expensive, but just enough to make me wait for pay day before I indulged.

And today, praise be, is pay day. So I went in, and not only did I come out with my beautiful fig candle, but a lovley glass which I shall use to put our toothbrushes in. It has a delightful scalloped lip, and is at once chunky enough to be robust, but strangely delicate at the same time. It was in the sale, also.

My other pay day indulgence, that I am going to save up for next week (I have a day off) is this vase I have seen in Woolworths of all places. It comes in pink or cream, and is quite short, with a bulbous bottom (!) and a thin neck, and will look wonderful with a single luscious peony, or an overblown rose in it. And at just £3, a bargain I think.

Tonight I am going to have a lovely bath, then light my new candle and read for half an hour in bed. I love having a bed time candle.

I do love the pleasure of a spontaneous purchase, the serendipitous find, but equally, I love the anticipation and the coveting stage of little treasures!

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Kristy said...

I'd love to see some photos of your treasure!