Thursday, 16 February 2006

Scrumptious, Scrumptious Day

Today has been one of those unplanned but scrumptious days. Tomorrow would normally be my day off, as I am working Saturday, but as I am needed at work tomorrow, I have today off instead.

Now that Carl is working in the same town as my parents live, it means I can hitch a ride in with him so I can pay a visit, rather than trundle in on the bus. It means being up bright and early (think just after 6) but it meant that I got to see a beautiful sunrise, and the day seems so fresh and new, in that early grey light.

Mum and I like to go out and have an adventure, usually involving a craft shop or two, but today we had nothing planned. I like these spontaneous days though. We went to a craft shop in Tiptree for curtain rings (Mum has been making me fabulous curtains, green with orangey oak leaves. They are much prettier than that sounds!) and then went on to a nursery, where we had a wonderful lunch and bought some plants. They have a kind of conservatory you can sit in, and look out over a slight valley. All the food is home made, and we shared an odd but delicious collectin of a sausage roll, a cheese scone and a piece of walnut coffee cake with lots of coffee. As we ate, the sky turned the most wonderful slate grey and it rained. Once we had picked up some lovely plants (I was treated to a wonderful little pot plant, who scrunches up her leaves in protest when you stroke her) we drove out and followed the dark clouds and rain. It was amazing driving through the countryside, turning one corner to see brilliant blue blue sky, and another to be under the deepest slate grey. It is scenes like this that make me wish I could paint.

On the way home, Mum pointed out a patch of snowdrops that have been coming up on the same bank since she was a little girl.

Now we are at home, so cozy in the living room. I have just borrowed the internet, visited some favourite blogs and thought I would post a little. We were saying earlier, all the beautiful things we have seen today have been free. Isn't it amazing how much beauty surrounds us?

Ohh, and also, a wonderful new magazine, Living and Gardens we discovered. Very Shabby Chic, and with a free cook book magazine. It featured beautiful Cath Kidston-esque bedding from Marks and Sparks...after pay day I do believe I shall be indulging!

Another thing- I dropped my purse while paying for a new candle for my chamber stick in the craft shop, and later on discovered my cash card was missing. A lovely boy had picked it up and handed it in, but not left his name so I could not say thank you. But I am definitley sending out thankful thoughts!

More thankful thoughts due to the lovely people who are kind enough to stop by my blog, and leave such delightful comments as I have just found.

It might be raining, but maybe because it is raining even, it is a glorious day.


Kristy said...

Sounds like you had a great day.Even us big girls still need some mummy time if we can!

Flossy said...

What a delightfully cozy way to spend a day off!
I will have a look around for that magazine, (sounds just my cup of tea) but it probably isn't here in Australia quite yet!

Sharon K said...

I always enjoy reading your blog and love the pictures. Sounds like you had a fun day.
Also I have tagged you and have fun.

Rachel said...

A lovely day with your Mum! I love plants so a nursery is always a treat. It's great that you appreciate the simple things and the free things of nature.