Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Favourite Words

There are some words that are lovely to use; they convey your meaning exactly, and they feel good as you say them. I was reading an article from the Independent at the weekend, about how the use of some words is changing….in that they are misused, and some words are dropping out of favour. Then I watched Cranford (and adored it! Oh, the bliss of having four more episodes to savour!) Sunday evening, and was aware of the language they were using. It was so rich. Far less ‘foreign’ compared with today’s speech than Shakespeare, it made me think of special china that is kept for ‘best’. Let us work delicious words into our every day language!

One of my favourite words is ‘convivial’ because the very sound of the word speaks to me of lovely times and parties and agreeableness. For some reason it makes me think of Hobbits in their holes, feasting and singing.

Propitious. ‘of the Gods, the fates, etc. Disposed to be favourable, gracious, merciful, lenient.’ This is a word that was new to me today. I don’t remember where I saw it now, but it was probably a blog or on-line news article. What a lovely word though!

I must, must, must start a little notebook to keep track of words and phrases which I love, along with where I heard them. I keep meaning to. Perhaps if I try and post once a week of my little treasures I have found, that will prompt me to stick to it!

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Zoe said...

I loved Cranford too. It was a absolute delight an fantastic acting and costumes.