Thursday, 24 September 2009

Autumn Morning

When I woke up this morning, I still had the whispers of the headache that started last Thursday, and still felt very sleepy....but more than any of that, delicious happiness in the knowledge that I am now officially out of quarantine! I am going to take it very, very gently, but just knowing that I can go outside and mix with other people is lovely, if a little overwhelming. I was talking to my sweet friend Adrian last night, who had swine flu two weeks before me, and he said that although he craved human company (and he was in a worse position than me, because he lives alone) he also felt like he had lost some of his confidence and found the thought of going out with all those people a bit daunting.

So I am going to arm myself with my reddest lipstick (the first time I have thought about makeup in a week, let alone wear any!) and take a gentle walk in the autumn sunshine to procure a pile of crisp new magazines that I will then work my way through this afternoon with a steaming pot of tea.

I must concentrate hard on not chattering too much to the poor girl at the checkout or the man who sells the chrysanthemums! Musnt't scare anyone! But so, so ready for fresh air in my lungs, breeze in my hair and sun on my face. I have a feeling that I shall be repairing home for an afternoon nap though! I still find the smallest effort leaves me so tired. The good thing is that I have learned to appreciate naps. Before I was poorly, I was firmly in the camp that saw why other people liked naps, but could not like them myself. I always found myself a little groggy and sick feeling when I woke up. Now though, I can snuggle and snooze with the best of them!

Wishing you all the most scrumptious of autumn mornings!


The Vintage Kitten said...

So sorry you have been feeling ill, but glad to read you are on the mend. I like little cat naps. Im not a good sleeper and never have been even as a child. When it gets dark I start to wake up (Mr K is convinced I am a vampire LOL!) You must show us your vase of flowers and your organic veg box sounds wonderful. My Autumn sent is Cinnamon too. I have been sending Mr K off to work with Cinnamon Lattes, I have some Vanilla Syrup too so sometimes he gets Vanilla Latte. I love the smell of a good Madagascan Vanilla pod. In the evening I sometimes fill a tall vase with a thick layer of cloves and sit a church candle inside and the scent of the cloves gently wafts around the room X

Yvonne said...

Mimi, So sorry you had the flu. I just received a flu shot today. I too work in a library and figure it's only a matter of time...

Hope you'll be feeling better soon. I missed your writing!

An Indiana Librarian

Dinah Soar said...

We've had several cases of swine flu in my part of the world...I figure it is only a matter of time until I catch it. The up side is that perhaps I'll lose a pound or two? The downside?... you already know it from experience. Glad you are getting better.