Thursday, 27 January 2011

Chilly Days

My eyes have felt gritty and red the last few days, and I have started that tell-tale tickle in the back of my throat that I know means I am going down with the latest cold that is doing the rounds. It has made me want to snuggle and be warm and cozy. Last night, I definitely had the shivers, and wrapped myself in my favourite white shawl while I half-watched Michel Roux's 'Service' on BBC2. So to me it has been a chilly few days, but mental chillyness rather than actual chillynes...until this morning!

I was just getting dressed ready for work, arranging my new peacock-feather fascinator in my hair, when my phoned twinkled to say I had a text message. It was lovely Carl, telling me to be sure to wrap up warm as it was very cold outside. I am so glad he warned me! It was, quite literally, freezing! I really needed my gloves and scarf, and I was pleased that I had my travel mug with me to get a cup of tea for the bus. I took my shawl to work today so I could wear it while the heaters tried to blow some heat into my little library.

The light has that brittle haziness to it that really cold days have. There is what we called when I was a little girl 'dragon's breath' in the air. People's cheeks are rosy, and the pavements glittered slightly with frost this morning. The daffodils are not out yet, but I did come away from the WI Market this morning with the most glorious snowdrop in a little pot. It is a double snowdrop with tiny green flecks on its skirt. It looks for all the world like a ballerina's tutu.

This is the weather for electric blankets and hot chocolate, warm baths and dressing gowns warmedon the radiator, chicken stew and dumpings, a blanket over your knees.

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Dinahsoar said...

Brrrr...sounds really cold in your part of the world today...hope you don't get too sick...take care and stay warm!