Monday, 29 October 2012

Things I Have Bought Today

A new bathmat in aubergine purple, soft and fluffy, reduced in a sale to a price so silly it would have been positively rude to leave it on the shelf (£1!!)

A bright pink turban to put my hair in while I am in the bath, so it doesn't get wet, or alternatively to sweep all my hair off my face while I put a face mask on.

Stocking fillers for my husband...I like to start early and squirrel away little treats. I would post here what I have got so far, but I know him to be an occasional visitor to my little blog.

Miss Read's Christmas Book from amazon for a single penny, plus postage. I was so excited to discover this book exists. I love the simple, lovely world of Miss Read, and I adore her descriptions of Christmas. When Christmas preparations start to feel overwhelming, I find reading one of her Christmas stories really centres me again. I was just thinking it would be lovely if someone had written a book on how to have a Miss Read Christmas...and lo and behold, they have!

And lastly, something I did not buy, and shall not buy, but oh, how I would love to! Singer have brought out a new sewing machine, which looks like a vintage machine but is in fact a modern one. If you google Singer 160 Anniversary you can behold it in all its glory...but alas it is £400 which is too, too much!

I feel sleepy now - I suppose to my body clock it is an hour later than it really is, so I am away now, to a bath, a book, and then bed. My favourite evening routine...

Wherever you are, I hope your evening holds similar simple pleasures

Love Mimi xxx


crystal said...

visiting your blog is like having a warm cup of tea~ with a favorite cookie :) Always so full of charm. Hope you find a bit of time to knit a pumpkin. :)
haPPy fall ,

Debbie said...

I think I will have to treat myself to Miss Read's Christmas, it sounds lovely.

Christmas preparations going on here too, I am trying to get all done before December, wouldn't that be nice? I say that every year though....

Teresa said...

Sorry already sent another comment, but I have to say I'm happy to see someone else reads Miss Read. I have most of her books and they are a delight to read.

Teresa, Sacramento, CA

Dinahsoar said...

I love Miss Read's Christmas and now own a copy myself. A birthday gift back in March. Can't wait to read it in December. Now I must check out that Singer. My mom had an old singer and nothing today compares--it was truly a classic.

Dinahsoar said...

I see Amazon has the Singer 160 for $199.99 with free shipping. What a deal. Tempting too...I love Singer. Had one but it died years ago. Now I have a cheapie which I use mostly for mending.