Saturday, 24 November 2012

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair

When I was eighteen, I had long, long hair, almost down to my waist. I have red in my hair, but mainly when the sun shines on it. I remember having about a foot chopped off it once, and spending three hours in the hairdresser getting highlights, only for my boyfriend du jour to enquire if I had been sitting in the sun a lot, because my hair looked a bit lighter.

I have flirted with shorter hair, but never short hair since then. I have had chin length bobs which grew down to shoulder length, and one memorable cut where it flicked out at the bottom, which I never could get another hairdresser to recreate.

And then there was the disastrous spur-of-the-moment trim a few months before I got married, which left me looking like I had been hacked about with shears, was much much shorter than I wanted, and put paid to my long time dream of wearing my hair pinned up with flowers in it on my wedding day.

Since then I have been very wary of hairdressers, and although I have had a few different hairstyles, the emphasis has been on growing it long. A few months ago, I suddenly realised, I have hair that I can class as long again. (I questioned poor Carl from time to time about how he would describe me to the police if he had to!)

I think I was the last one to realise my hair had got long - although several people had commented, I realised that at the back, it is about an inch short of waist length again! I have been worried the last few months that the ends are starting to feel really dry, and was worried about having to get them cut off. So I have interrogated a hairdresser and booked an appointment for a trim in December (my second or third haircut of the year!) and in the meantime was looking for a really good conditioning treatment.

When I was in Boots the other day, I noticed a new haircare stand - Bumble and Bumble on one side, and Ojan, who I had not heard of before on the other size. The products were pricey, but promised to do amazing things to my hair. Happily they had some samples, so I took a sachet of deep conditioning treatment home. At first I thought it was an old sample, as it felt kind of solid in the sachet, but when I read the back it explained that it comes as a solid and you warm it in your hands to turn it to oil. You massage it into dry hair and scalp, wait 20 minutes and wash it out.

The scent is a little unusual, it somehow reminds me of chocolate and cigarettes, but not in a bad way, even though I hate the smell of smoking. It washes right out though, so isn't really a problem. I have to say I was amazed at the difference it has made to my hair with one application. I know nothing can mend split ends but they didn't have that bushy look any more, and my hair was smooth and slippery and bouncy and swishy. I found myself running my hands through it most of the day.

I would love to invest in the full size product, or perhaps some of their serum, but I will have to save up for that. In the meantime, I have a few more sample sachets to use, that the lady running the stand kindly gave me. If you have an outlet near you, I definitely recommend trying it!


Dinahsoar said...

I wore my hair very long as a child because daddy would not let mamma cut it. When I became an adult I got it cut very short and wore it that way for years. In vain I tried to return to longer hair, but could not get past how badly it looked in that in between stage. But 5 years ago I'd had it--spending $30 every 4 weeks for a haircut was imo ridiculous. I told my hairdresser I wanted to let it get longer and she helped me formulate a plan to do so without it looking poorly. It worked and I now wear a chin length bob--long compared to my former pixie cut. And I LOVE it! I regret all those years of short hair. And even better, I only go in for a trim every 8 weeks, saving a ton of money. AND I no longer need to shampoo daily.

Like you I am wary of hairdressers. When I find one I love I go to her for life. I now drive 45 miles one way to keep that special hairdresser that can make my difficult hair look good. I hate changing hair dressers worse than finding a new doctor.

It's a long way to drive--90 miles, but I combine it with a trip to Hobby Lobby which is a real treat for this crafter. I make a whole day of it, so it is worth the expense and bother.

Tash said...

Hi Mimi,

That sounds just the kind of stuff I need. I tend to have short-ish hair (well, I have had it short for the last 6 years or so) but have been lazy and let it get long over the summer. All of my friends have said that long hair suits me more than short, so I have decided to dabble with it for a bit. I think mine definitely needs some kind of shaping though, I just have to get around to going to the hairdresser! Split ends are a real pain though, so until I get it cut, I will find some of your Ojan and give it a go!

Hope you're enjoying the run-up to Christmas! 31-ish sleeps to go!?


P.s. glad you liked the rice!