Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Weekend Taster

I am feeling very contented this evening. I have enjoyed vegetable bean chilli with millet and oven roasted broccoli for dinner, eaten in front of The Great British Sewing Bee. A peaceful evening, with many ideas for things to make bubbling through my mind. Having looked at Mum's copy of Vintage Stitching by the wonderful Jane Brocket, I want to make a Suffolk Puff quilt, and when I have finished knitting my Miss Marple Scarf, I want to start a granny square blanket.

While I was searching google for 'Jane Brocket Suffolk Puff' to see if anybody else had been inspired to make one, and get some ideas, I came across some of the most delightful blogs:
Teacups and Buttercups http://teacupsandbuttercups.wordpress.com is the kind of blog I will want to sit and read all the archives of. (I also did a little gasp of surprise followed by a big smile, when I noticed my own blog linked to in the blogroll! I am always in slight disbelief that anybody reads my little blog at all, let alone links to it! Surprised but very, very pleased!)
This led me to The Pyjama Gardener http://thepyjamagardener.wordpress.com/ whose first post I read was about Sarah Addison Allen, who is one of my favourite authors - how can I not love that blog?

I have much to sit and post about properly. On Thursday I spent a heavenly day with my Mum, including taking tea in a well-named tea shop (Truly Scrumptious!) and a visit to Morrison's supermarket which left me amazed at the variety, quality, and low prices...and with a basket overflowing with red chicory, sourdough bread and other lovely things!

On Saturday it was my birthday, and I had a wonderful day - ended up having a little cry in the morning at how lovely and thoughtful my wonderful family and friends are. I had a visit to a vintage fayre at a Castle, a trip to the bookshop, and a heavenly dinner out.

Sunday saw us going for a long walk around a Royal Horticultural Society Garden, and Monday took us to my family for the day. So many adventures, I must sit down and write about them soon! But for now, the washing up is calling, and then I am planning to get into a warm bed (we still have the electric blanket on!) with my book.

I hope your evening is similarly lovely! Love Mimi xxx


Ali said...

Happy Birthday Mimi!

Ali x

Debbie said...

A very Happy Belated Birthday, Mimi!

i keep meaning to tell you that after you mentioned your vintage scarf before, I printed out the pattern and made one in a lovely soft green Merino yarn for my Mum for her birthday. I like it so much I am going to make one for myself too, I am thinking a warm cherry red.

Dinahsoar said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like you had a lovely time. And tea with your mom/mum--so very nice..I lost my mother last year and this will be the first Mother's Day--in May here in the U.S.-- without her. But I have some wonderful memories of her. Life is good isn't it, in spite of the hard patches.

Tash said...

Happy belated birthday!

You sound really busy with lots of happy, interesting goings on :) I hope that you're having a nice week and enjoying some of the sun (and warmth) that we're having. I have taken the heated blanket off the bed and given it a wash (the thought of going it gives me 'the fear' - but it promises that it is indeed washable!) and am opening all of the windows to give the place a really good air.

Take care!

Tash xx