Thursday, 29 December 2005

New Years Targets

I am a great believer that it is far more positive to have New Years Targets rather than resolutions. It seems that resolutions seem to be about stopping doing things which is all rather negative and dull, while Targets give you something to aim for, and can be more frivolous and fun.

So mine this year include to go to the Christmas Markets in Bruges or Cologne; learn to cook one new dish a month; be more punctual; experiment with herbal teas; and to keep a diary or blog.

So to the end of keeping a diary or blog, I have set up this. I don't intend to impose upon myself that I must post every day (for one thing I have computer access only at work) but I do intend to do so regularly anyway...

So a teeny bit about me, to paint a little picture of who is sitting typing away at this keyboard. Well, I work in a library, and although I am sick sick sick of people saying in response to this 'It must be lovely to read all day' (Yes, it would be, but that is not my job!) I do love reading and can often be found stealing a few minutes to read when I should really be getting ready. I like to dabble in crafts, and love to spend a quiet hour crocheting flowers or knitting with some delicious wool (although at the moment to be fair, my enthusiasm outweighs my skills! This year I vow to move on to knitting more exciting things than scarves. I have managed socks on two needles, so next for something with a little more shaping I think). I like to play in the kitchen too, although things often bite me here- like the hot oven door, or the milk boils over...I take a great deal of pleasure in a cup of tea, my favourite being the rose blend from Whittards. I like to drink it while it is hot hot hot, thus necessitating those little tiny sips to avoid being burnt! I am merrily planning my August 2007 wedding, and live with my fiance, an aquarium of goldfish and a newly acquired (and surprisingly sweet) corn snake about a forty minutes train journey outside of London...which is happily only a twenty minute drive from the river esturary and a great many open fields to roam through.

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Alidea said...

That is a perfect idea to look at New Year's resolutions as targets instead - that way it's a lot less crushing when you simply can't keep to them.

Yesterday, I had a list of 'targets' as long as my arm, to keep to, but today, it has transformed into a much simpler list of keeping in more frequent touch with my friends, and TRYING to be more organised. The Bad Fairy thinks that's more than enough to keep one busy with - none of that exercise stuff on top of it ... for the time being, anyway!