Friday, 30 December 2005


Firstly, oh it is snowing, it is snowing! When I woke up and peeked out this morning it was just very dark and very cold, but when I opened the front door, it was like stepping out into a snow globe that had just been shaken.

I must confess to having mixed feelings about snow- I worry about the roads and slipping over and those I love having to travel in it, and getting snowed in and all manner of things. But I also love the magicalness of it, the way it drifts and falls, the strange light it produces. Although it is a work day so I am worrying gently, I am also quite excited as I have a recipe for a dessert that calls for eight cups of fallen snow- so when I get home tonight I shall be stepping into the kitchen! (If all goes well I shall post the recipe Tuesday- I had until now forgotten all about having Monday off work as it is a bank holiday!)

Now as to Serendipi-tea! This coming year I shall once more be traveling through the year with Sarah Ban Breathnachs' 'Simple Abundance' which is a lovely, lovely daybook. One of the ideas she brings up is that by thinking positively you will attract positive things to you, and so on. Well having read an interview with Burlesque star Dita Von Teese, I had decided that I quite like the dark hair-red lips-vintage movie star look. Sadly because she is a Burlesque star, I cannot access her website for interviews and stealing fashion/beauty tips. But I was at the market yesterday, choosing out some magazines (there is this wonderful stall that sells slightly out of date titles at 3 for £1.50!) and I picked out one magazine quite unknowing, and when I got it home last night discovered that there was a whole interview with her inside! Hurrah! Serendipity at work methinks.

(Having read through my post,don'tt worry, I have no plans to start wearing ostrich feathers and whipping my clothes off like her!)

Originally I had planned to go see the Chronicles of Narnia at the cinema tonight with my fiance and a friend, but the friend has to come in from the sticks, so if it is still snowing we may not go. In which case I will be writing out my beautiful new purple address book. Did I mention that I love stationery?! Of course if it is still snowing and I cannot go to the cinema, I will probably be playing in the snow. Anyone have any snowy traditions, games or recipes to share?

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Alidea said...

Dashing outside to experience my first snow fall when I used to work and live in the UK, I didn't stop to think that I didn't need to travel at my usual speed. I soon stood (or rather, sprawled out on the ground) corrected. (It has only snowed three times during my lifetime here in sunny Australia, so there's not much call for snow etiquette.) I also remember the thumping noise Ollie the cat made when he was running up in the snow behind me, causing me to have a mild heart attack about there being something much scarier approaching, before I saw who it actually was. Ahhh, those were the days!

If you don't mind, I think I'll give that thinking positively a go, to attract positive attention. I remember trying it once before, and found it much easier to cope with rather than battling up hill in a stressful state, wondering why things had to be the way they were.

I'm so glad one of your New Year's targets were to start a blog, as (I know this sounds stupid) I get a really happy positive feeling from just reading your thoughts and benefiting from your happy outlook on life.

Looking forward to hearing your fallen snow recipe - I've never heard of a dish that requires that ingredient, before.