Tuesday, 3 January 2006

Happy New Year!

Well the ice cream dessert has not appeared to have poisoned anyone, so here is the recipe- it is a little on the sweet side, but I dont think that is always such a bad thing!

Take 250ml (or the nearest carton size to it that you can find) of double cream, and whisk it with 115g caster sugar and 1tsp vanilla essence until all thick and billowy. (Perhaps I made a mistake in using vanilla sugar as well as essence..I can always try again next snowfall!). Then gently whisk in about 8 cups of snow, then pour into a shallow container and freeze until you are ready to serve it, whereupon you take it out of the freezer about fifteen minutes before, grate over some nutmeg and then chocolate...mmm....

The days since New Years have whizzed by and I find myself a bit bewildered to be back at work already. Where does the time go? I celebrated New Years at a friends, where she served genius starters- shepherds pies served in the potato shell, like a filled baked potato with the potato on top. Yum! And idea I shall definitley be magpie-ing.

Needless to say I did not arise too early New Years Day, and much of the daylight hours were spent in a long hot bath. Yesterday I met a friend for lunch for her birthday, we did a gentle sweep through the sales (came away empty handed, bah!) and then home. Before I knew it I was choosing what to wear to work today...

Good progress with targets so far. Made scrumptious baked salmon on a bed of leeks and tagliatelle with pesto as my new dish last night! Have drunk many cups of peppermint tea, and have started to think about Bruges or Cologne, Cologne or Bruges...or both!...for our December break!

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