Saturday, 7 January 2006

Magazines, magazines, magazines

Why are there so many lovely magazines? I am trying so hard to save and be good with money, but they make it so hard. I popped into the newsagent at lunch time and they had the new winter Martha Stewart weddings magazines. By some feat of resistance I did not buy it, but I bet I won't last long.

I don't know how I came to be afflicted with this hunger for reading material, especially in the format of lovely glossy pages, and the fresh newness of each months issue! But here is my dilemma. A lot of the magazines are offering subscriptions, where you pay a cheaper rate by direct debit. Do I go for it, and have my monthly fixes delivered to my door, and miss the thrill of seeing them appear on the shelves? Then of course there is the sizeable chunk that will disappear from my account every three months or so. But then again, it would mean more post! Decisions, decisions.

Just to give you an idea what we are talking about here..

Martha Stewart Living comes to me from America each month. When I nearly did not get my December Christmas issue, I fully thought the world might end. Happily I got it, and the world carries on!

Easy Living what a bargain at £2 an issue...only £12 a year to subscribe, and it is packed full of usefulness. I love the 'My Life In Books' feature too.

Eve has been a bit hit and miss lately, but is still worth a read.

She has been re-vamped and is now very Martha Stewarty, and I heartily approve. Thanks to their cut-out pages, I can point to more than one constellation in the sky now!

In Style I like to plan my wardrobe I shall have when I have lost the perfect amount of weight and am going to be a stylish girl about town. And hair styles I like. And make up I shall buy. Heaven help my cash card if I ever should find myself with my dream figure...

BBC Good Food This is practically a household expense anyway...I mean, it would be boring to serve up the same dish over and over! And it does teach all about seasonal food which is practically the same as saving the universe...

Simply Knitting I love this magazine. Some of the patterns, I can even do! And it makes me feel all creative when I read it.

These are my regulars, don'tnt think I have forgotten any...but I do occasionally get an Elle or something else as well.

Thank heavens my lovely fiancdoesn'tnt read my blog and know the full extent of my habit! Now to subscribe, or not to subscribe...? Maybe I should use the decision dice I got in my Christmas stocking. And I suppose I could sell any subscription gifts don'tnt want on eBay thus recouping some of the cost of subscribing...hmmm...


BrocanteHome said...

Oh mimi I am so in love with She magazine right now. Fabulous re-vamp!

VintagePretty said...

Wow, you do have a love of magazines! I sometimes read CountryLiving, but apart from that I suppose I'm more the bookish type. Also thanks for your comment! :-)