Thursday, 19 January 2006

A Serendipitous Find

Having watched and enjoyed Enchanted April so much, it occurred to me that maybe it was based upon a book. I checked the library catalogue and it was. So I ordered it promptly...And then realized that a reading group was also doing it, so all the copies were out and there was a long list. Bah!

So I did a google search- really only to find out a little bit about the author and so on- and low and behold, I find that the text is available on line! I read the first chapter in my lunch hour...Do give it a go, do!

This week has really skipped away from me. I had a lovely visit Monday evening from my friend who I used to take salsa class with. We are planning a day trip to Bath in the summer, and are thinking of making ourselves reticules in which to carry our pennies and so on.

I have been tired this week. Perhaps it is the grey dampness and darkness? But I am not without hope as my snowdrop on the windowsill greets me cheerily each morning, and my narcissus is shooting up long green leaved stems of hope.


Cookie said...

Mimi...I too am feeling tired this week. We have had sky high temperatures the past five days and the heat just zapps your energy. Its so weird..isnt it? You are over there in the miserable cold and we are sweltering over here. Its a funny world ! Cheer Up !

VintagePretty said...

Spring really is coming to the fore, I can't wait until the tulips start to emerge - what a change it'll make to the garden!

Will have a look at that Enchanted April site this weekend, it sounds interesting :-)

BrocanteHome said...

Oh some many women have recommended this film, i must find it...