Wednesday, 4 January 2006

The Pesto Comes Back To Haunt Me...

You know how things come back to haunt you? Well for Christmas Eve, I made my own pesto to serve. (I am still in the first flush of love with my Braun Multiquick blender!). When I added some parmesan, I went to shake the jar to make sure it was all mixed...the lid was not on properly...and I got a wave of oily pesto down my favourite jumper.

My fiance is the laundry maid in our house, so I grabbed my jumper for work this morning off the clean pile, knowing it had been through the wash. I made a special effort this morning as I knew I was getting a new pass photo taken- and when I got to work, I looked in the mirror to brush my hair out and put on some lipstick, only to spy two great big oil stain blobs down the front! Agh! The pesto comes back to haunt me...

At least the nice lady who took my pass photo took it from the neck up- the oil stains are just out of shot!

Did I mention already that I am reading The Olive Farm for bookclub? (I have started to keep a journal too, and sometimes I forget what I have written where...) I really dont think I am going to finish it in time. Its not that its too long, just that I dont empathise enough with the author. Rather than getting caught up in her Provencal dream, all I can think is how irresponsible she is!

Today seems darker than yesterday was at this time, which of course cannot be true. I am going to go home and light some candles though. And I hope to have the time and inspiration to sort out my food cupboards. Order shall be mine!

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