Friday, 13 January 2006

Technological Kitchen Bliss

I am not what you would call a technophobe as such- eBay is a wonderful thing indeed, email is miraculous and I would not be without the internet! But I do have a healthy fear of technology, words such as 'Bluetooth', wiring up the DVD player myself and so on. And with so much gorgeous stationery in the world, surely there is not much room for computers in my life?

Ahh, that is what I thought until last night, when I had a veritable revolution! I had a happy hour or two clearing out my spices and herbs cupboard and dry goods cupboard and so on. Then it occured to me that I should make a list of all the spices and herbs I have, so when I see a new recipe I want to try, I shall know right away if I have coriander leaf or seed already or if I need to buy it.

My lovely fiance gave me his lap top to do it on- and now I have an excel sheet (because I love putting in a jumble of stuff and just clicking to get it in alphabetical order!) of what I have spice wise, then sheets of staples that we need to buy regularly, and household goods so it is easier for me to make shopping lists (this week will be our first on line shop. The plan is, get the stuff we cant get at the farm shop delivered, then go have fun shopping at the farm!)

My eyes are suddenly opened to the wonders of computers!

Next project is to make a list of all the fish/pasta/chicken/vegetarian etc recipes, so I can just decide what we are having each week and then order up the ingredients. Techno-nerd me...who would have thought it?

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