Thursday, 12 January 2006

Tch tch tch!

You see? You see?!

Less than a fortnight into the New Year and I am lapsing at my bloggin already! And I cannot even say that at least I have been keeping my journal at home up to date, because that is sadly neglected also.

What can I say? But see, I have come back! And I shall come back tomorrow and blog then as well.

I wish I could come up with some fabulous glamorous excuse for having been away- perhaps I shall say that I have been sipping coffee on a street cafe in Rome, or gazing at the sunset in Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower....but in reality, I have been feeling sleepy and tired and dreaming of a wedding dress that it seems is just beyond my financial grasp.

I have been reading too, and planning out wedding ideas. The church we have booked already, but my afternoon tea reception we are booking soon. So exciting things have been distracting me.

I also read a great article by Lesley Garner in Easy Living Magazine this month, that talks about how if it weren't for electric light and so on, this is the season when we would sleep more, dream, reflect, slow down. I have a real passion for the idea of the natural rhythms of life- not in a hippy dippy way, just in the way that I love to eat seasonal food, watch the trees bud into life, become covered in green then drop thier leaves in a glorious shower of fire. Beautiful seasons. Perhaps that is why I enjoy reading Romancing the Ordinary by Sarah Ban Breathnach so much?

Things at work are very stirred up at the moment. Still I have the whole entire weekend off, and we are going to go to the zoo, the farm shop, and I hope to see the film Enchanted April that has been recommended to me by lovely Agnes at work.

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Alison said...

Oh Mimi, isn't Lesley Garner wonderful?