Tuesday, 24 January 2006

Pay Day Experiment

Isn't it funny how, before being paid, I saw lots and lots of things I wanted, no, needed to buy. I was assaulted on all fronts- delicious new magazines, froths of lace, bits of ribbon, things on eBay, oh, the things. And now I have been paid and am feeing rich again (this said with much irony of tone) I cannot find one single thing I want to buy!

Which is probably just as well really. You see, inspired by Enchanted April (I will stop banging on about this soon, but I have been so touched by this film, and now, the novel) I have decided to keep a little notebook in which to note expenditures. I just want to see where my money goes you see...and if as a side effect it means I save a little more, then it can hardly be a bad thing, I think!

I have my fingers crossed with all my might today. My lovely fiance went for his second interview (by video link, poor thing) and will know sometime after next Tuesday if he got the job or not. I want it for him so, so much. It would do his confidence masses of good, we could book our wedding reception, definitley stay in our little flat another year (landlord willing, of course!) and so, so much. So please, send a kindly thought our way!

I am wearing a new skirt today- I tore one at work, but in a very good girl manner uttered not one word- and am spreading glitter and sparkle everywhere as a consequence. It is a black skirt iwth pink and beige flowers splashed over it, and lots of tiny dots of gold spangle. Delicious.

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BrocanteHome said...

Oh how many times have I tried to do this and failed in the worry that mark might find it and discover where my money really goes!