Monday, 16 January 2006

A Day Devoted Entirely To Pleasure

Doesn't that sound decadent? But it was bliss. You see, we knew that moving in together there would be shopping to do, washing to do, work work work to do, and we were, and are, quite happy with that. I still love the domestic side of things. But the other day, it occured to us that with work and running our home, we have not had one day just devoted to pleasure for a very long time.

Not that we have not had pleasurable days, just that there has always been something to do before we go out, or after we come back. Always. So we decided that the Saturday just gone, we would have a day devoted to enjoying it.

We went to the zoo- oh, how I love the zoo! We have gold cards so we can go as much as we would like to in a year, but I have not been for a while. So much changes between visit, they are always enriching the zoo, which I think is lovley. The most beautiful thing was standing in the sea lion pool- they have a glass tunnel so that you can stand while they swim around you. They were in such a playful mood, it was wonderful to see. Two of them were competing to see who could jump furthest out of the water, and two others were swimming in corkscrews and playing follow my leader.

Then we went to my lovely fiances parents house- they kindly said I could borrow their video player (ours died a while ago leaving us just with dvd) and I watched the most beautiful film. It was the early 90's version of Enchanted April. A little slow to start and I was worried I might not get it- sometimes it takes a while to ease into a film I find. But oh, it was so so beautiful! Set in the twenties, a group of ladies go to Italy for the month of April. I really didn't want it to end at all. It changes them in the most beautiful ways, almost healing.

I had never really had the urge to go to Italy before- I would have happily gone, but had not got the hunger if you know what I mean- but now I do! I can highly recommend this film.

The other adventures I had were making Seville Orange and Cointreau Marmalade (read, toffee!) a loaf of bread, and some Seville Orange Ice Cream.

And my lovely, lovely fiance stayed up while I went to bed with a headache, and washed up my sticky jam pan. What a darling!


Alison said...

Oh we have to pinch ourselves to remember to do this: wait till you've got a babba, it gets worse!

Glad you had a nice day sweetie...

VintagePretty said...

Sounds fantastic! Shouldn't we all have one of these days!? Unfortunately it doesn't happen often enough! Glad you had a good day though :)