Tuesday, 27 February 2007

A Garden Full of Flowers

Finally, finally it is quiet. Not quite peaceful as I still have another hour of desk duty left to do out in the library. But for these five minutes, it is quiet. There is no one wanting anything of me, and I can smell the freesias on my desk. Flowers are wonderful, aren't they? I had a friend who hated them, hated them because she thought as they died, so too would the friendship with the one who had given the flowers. I could not be more different, myself. Flowers are always welcome- when I buy them for myself, I feel that they are a lovely frivolous luxury; when other people buy them for me I feel besides myself with joy; when I spy them growing wild, I feel elated; and when I buy them for other people, I feel like I have given them something special.

So, my freesias. Last week I had pink tulips on my desk. On Monday I was going to buy daffodils, but the market does not open on a Monday here, and the flower cart does not sell daffodils. But he did have these amazing freesias. I adore their scent- and nearly bought pure white ones, but instead I found myself picking up some vibrant orangey-red flame like ones. They look so delicate and graceful, the way they spread in an arch in their vase, and every time I sit at my desk (snatched moments!) they make me feel better.

On my way in to work last Monday, I saw that over the weekend, the crocuses (I want to say croak-eye) had started to come out on the far river bank in the park. I was going to post about it- they are all bright yellow. It reminds me of some gold loose eyeshadow I had when I was about 14, and thought it sooo sophisticated- and it always used to spill on the carpet a little. This is just how they croak-eye look- as though someone has spilt a giant pot of shimmering colour. By Wednesday, the purple and white ones had started to spring up too, and now it looks like confetti, everywhere. I love walking through the park for this more than anything else.

One of my favourite presents to give at the moment is an abundance of favourite flowers- I bought five bunches of daffodils for a friend last week- and then tie with ribbon around them a bar of their favourite chocolate.

Thursday last week was quite, quite horrible. I was so exhausted from work that I was in bed by 8.30 and asleep by 9! When I got home, all teary feeling and slumpy, dear lovely Carl presented me with an armful of golden yellow Chrysanthemums, which now smile at me everytime I walk into the living room.

And lovely, clever Tash- go visit www.vintagepretty.org and see what is growing in her garden!

Yes, the more I think about it, the more lovely I think flowers are. Perhaps I will make posies of paper flowers for Easter gifts this year...

Please, please, just for me, go out and treat yourself to a bunch of flowers today! Choose something that makes your sprirts brighter, and put them somewhere you can see them lots. And if you are feeling generous, buy a little bunch for someone you love, for no reason at all!


Annastasia said...

I nearly bought a bunch Daffodils yesterday. Next time I shall let myself be tempted, but I am still enjoying a beautiful bunch from Valentine's Day which have lasted very well.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making my day happier just reading your post.

On Brocante Home I think Alison says one should buy flowers every time you buy milk and I love that thought!!