Thursday, 1 March 2007

A Tale of Two Morning Walks

I walked to work yesterday morning, and was captivated by the sky. Happily the majority of my walk is on a long straight road, so I could gaze up for much of the way! To my left, the sky was thunderous- grey and overcast. There was a strong buffeting breeze that made you feel like marching along. It was not quite raining yet, but it was the kind of weather that made me glad I had my umbrella close to hand! And yet to the right, it was all sunshine and blue sky! And somewhere in the middle, overhead, they swirled together as though playing a game of chess. It made me smile to notice only dark purple pansies on the thunderous side, and tiny clutches of tiny tete-a-tete whispering together on the sunny side.

Well I guess that although it did rain a lot yesterday, the sunny side won the game of chess, because I was greeted by the most beautiful spring-like weather this morning! There was a breeze which was cool but not cold, and everything seemed slightly damp, like the wings of a butterfly freshly emerged from it’s cocoon. Everything seemed terribly bright and clear, almost scoured clean by wind and rain yesterday and all fresh and new this morning. Everything seems full of hope- the crocuses are more abundant than ever, if such a thing can be true. There were daffodils with the creamiest of petals, and golden trumpets standing tall and proud, with violets fussing about their feet. Little schoolboys were jumping in the puddles with glee, before racing off to find the next one.

I just adore mornings like this, don’t you? It feels like everything is going to be good in the day. And so far, it has. Oh, nothing out of the ordinary- a little crochet in my tea break (I am using a teeny tiny hook and the softest of wool at the moment), I found a brooch to wear on my jumper that brings out the pink of my skirt just so. I am going to treat myself to a coffee at Starbucks at lunch time today. And Carl has an interview in London, that I feel….hopeful about. Perhaps it is because it is St David’s day today? My great grandmother on my mothers side (I have her hair, apparently) was Welsh, so I shall celebrate today buy bringing home an armful of daffodils for the windowsill.

I hope you are all having a scrumptious day as well!

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Midori said...

I spent yesterday freezing and trying to stay out of the wind and rain. Yet today I have my big sun glasses on. Isn't the weather amusing!