Tuesday, 13 March 2007

An Unfinished Thought

Often, I type my posts in Word, and then paste them into the magic blogger window that makes them appear on my blog. Yesterday, I got diverted- I cannot remember by what. But I was called away in the middle of a sentance- see?

"Talking of frocks that are gorgeous, I have found a lovely raspberry pink dress in New Look- it has a belt and a long full skirt- that I feel I simply must try on. I have been feeling myself really pulled towards colour just recently. Which has been exacerbated by...."

exacerbated by what? What was I going to say about colour? It as though the thought was formed, and having been half commited to paper, has flown away.

One thing that has made me think about colour more is Kaffe Fassett. He came to our library on Saturday, for a craft morning. And, he was lovely. Really lovely. Relaxed, with purple socks. And although he was signing books, he was just as happy to chat. He had an amazing piece of knitting with him. He asked me if I knit. I said I knit, a bit. I do seem to become stupid around people I admire. Lately, I have been crocheting. But I think it is time for me to pick up sticks again. This time, I am going to make a hot water bottle cover. (I know, I do know we have had the first spring weekend!) In some glorious colour that really calls to me, out of thick fluffy wool, with a huge satin bow. Bliss.

I have dutch daffodils on my desk this week, they are so utterly frilly that it looks like a ballet being danced in my vase. This last post is a little disjointed as it has been a long and busy day and my mind is skipping about. I really need to go home, make a pot of tea and sit and craft something. Crochet tonight I think, soft yarn flowing through my fingers. And a few pages of my book (Virgin Queen by Philippa Gregory, a scrumptious Tudor romp), scented pillow spray, and away to sleep...

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tash said...

"Which has been exacerbated by...." Spring? I know it's always this time of year that I'm drawn to bright, lively things.

Your days sound delightful - especially pear icecream in Harrods! At the moment if I'm not making butter, I'm crocheting granny squares which are not only so simple it's insane, they are so much *fun*. 7 down, 73 to go :D

Have a gorgeous week :)