Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Becoming Jane

Now, I do do more than just eat, I promise, but I do love food, and it seems to pop up in my social life quite a bit! Friday night, dear Carl and my lovely friend Lisa went for dinner at Café Rouge before Lisa and I went to see Becoming Jane at the cinema. The waiters were lovely- what is it about a man with an accent?! And as for the film, although it has had some negative reviews, we really enjoyed it. But perhaps that is because we set out with enjoyment in mind! We both took our hand-crocheted stoles with us to wear (the air conditioning is always a little too enthusiastic for my liking) and both sipped tea throughout, while giggling away (a lovely man opened every door for me on the way back from my tea procuring trip!). If you go expecting to see a faithful biography of the life of Jane Austen, then you will be disappointed and perhaps a little shocked at the naked bottoms! But if you go expecting to see a jolly film inspired by her life, with lovely frocks and gorgeous scenery, then I think you will be well pleased.

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