Tuesday, 29 May 2007

7 Things...

Oooh!I have been tagged by lovely Tash at www.vintagepretty.org, so here are seven weird/random things about me that you probably don't know! Lets hope you don't think I am too weird by the end of them!

1) If you were to offer me a peppermint I would probably say no, because although I love them, peppermints make me sneeze! Achoo!

2) I cannot, cannot have a bath or take a shower without cleaning my teeth first. Not even when I am planning on sipping a nice cup of tea while in the bath.

3) Where I had a few operations on one ear, I have a tear in the eardrum. Which means if I pinch my nose and breathe out gently, I can breathe out through my ear…

4) Ok so I think it is time to move from ‘strange and odd’ to more ‘quirky or random’ I believe! My Great Great Grandfather Greep captained the Hispania, a yacht for the King of Spain.

5) I find fans blowing on me annoying. Especially ones that sweep as they blow. I have to be really hot before I will switch a fan on!

6) I have never been on an aeroplane before, nor even to an airport. Which could make the eight hour honeymoon flight this August interesting!

7) If you don’t count my pyjamas, which only come out in the depths of winter or when I am feeling poorly (I am a nightie girl!) I do not own a single pair of trousers. And the last time I wore trousers was four years ago, when I did the Moonwalk Marathon, and it was deemed that a skirt would not be suitable. Carl is desperate to get me into a pair of jeans. I think it is one of his plans for after we are married!

Scrumptious Alison from www.brocantehome.typepad.com are spookily similar in some things- so I will tag her to tell all, and see if we share any quirks!

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