Tuesday, 22 May 2007

A Clean Sweep

It has come upon me all of a sudden. Slowly at first, but now it is all I can think about…

…it is de-clutter, throw-out, recycle and seasonal scrub time!

Usually I like to take two or three days off of work to go through each and every room in our little flat, turning out cupboards and drawers and scrubbing everything in sight, but with the wedding this year I just don’t have the holiday left to take.

So I have made a list of what needs doing in each room, and every evening after dinner, I am going to do a little bit. But oh, how I want to tie my apron on, roll up my sleeves and get stuck in!

Last night I had more fun than you would think possible making the cupboard under the sink scrumptious. I had everything out, threw away my dregs, stocked up with lovely Ecover products, refilled my glass sweetie jar with tealight candles and have rechristened it ‘The Housemaids Cupboard’ after re-reading the gorgeous book that is Domestic Bliss (Rita Konig).

What next? Well a cull (oh the thought alone makes me shudder) of my books and magazines. And then the survivors will be nicely arranged. I have decided to keep all of my Martha Stewart Weddings and Victoria Magazines, but just the Valentines/Easter/Halloween and Christmas editions of Martha Stewart Living. And all the others? I am going to go through and clip out the articles, pictures and recipes I want to keep and recycle the rest. My ultimate aim is, once I have cleared the accumulated masses, to do this each month as my new fresh magazines arrive. Then I can have lovely inspiration books like lovely Posy http://posy.typepad.com/posy/2006/08/index.html and never again will I have towering stacks of magazines threatening to knock my precious cup of tea over!

So it is going to be a busy few evenings for me, but I have to say that I am really looking forward to it. Along with all my tasks, I have jotted down some ideas for puttery treats for each room. My favourites are going to be buying some more jars and containers to decant things like breakfast cereal into for the kitchen, and also making tiny heart-button wreaths for the door handles.

If you want me, I will be up to my ears in soap bubbles, scrubbing away!


Grace said...

It has been such a busy few months, I've missed having my evening free to putter and clear out. I MUST find a way to get back to doing that.

Great idea about making the sink area delightful! Hadn't thought of that, but what a nice thing to do.

tash said...

I daren't look at my cupboard under the sink - I may find a pair of slimy-eyes looking up at me. At least they make nice chicken fodder!

You have been tagged, btw!