Saturday, 13 September 2008

Lovely Things

I do so wish there was a way to portion up a bit of the loveliness that surrounds me just now to share with you. Little bundles of happiness that would fall through the letterbox, burst open, and shower you with scrumptiousness. You would be able to feel the cool breeze blowing through my window, and smell on the breeze the scent of a heavenly bunch of Stargazer lillies that are waiting for tomorrow, when they will be a birthday present for my Aunt.

Just recently, everything seems to be about packages and post, parcels and surprises. I had a wonderful card from the ever so lovely which has two vintage Parisian ladies sharing tea on the front, and some ever so sweet words inside. Yesterday was my Mum's birthday, and I so enjoyed putting her present together. She loves roses, so I got her a jug with roses painted on it, a bunch of pink roses, rose tea bags, rose bubble bath, and two Lush bath bombs scented with roses. In the evening our little family took her out for dinner, and at the end there was a birthday cake iced with roses and pink candles. She beamed with happiness, but really, I had so much fun planning these things, that it was almost a present for me!

One of my dear friends at work is going on maternity leave on Wednesday, and I have been working on a scrapbook of messages from colleagues for her. I am also making her a nappy cake, and organizing a dinner out for her.

To top it all, we are going to visit my Aunt and Uncle tomorrow. It is a two hour drive, taken earlier than I would like, but they are such fun to see, I really can't wait. Aunty Dottie in particular, has this manner about her, that whenever you talk with her, even about the weather, you just feel uplifted and special. My Mum and Sister will be in our party, and we all cook something to take with us, even though we are told not to, and we have such fun. I am making a wonderfully gooey chocolate pudding (if it goes down well, I will share the recipe!), my sister is making her signature cupcakes, and my Mum her wonderful cheese scones.

Tonight there is Strictly Come Dancing to look forward to, and then the last night of the Proms. I have such eclectic taste in music, and have been amusing myself by playing Mozart on you tube, interspersed with the Puppini Sisters, Elvis, all sorts!

Oh, and I have discovered the delights of Dorothy Whipple! I have ordered her books from the library before, but I don't think it was quite the right time for me. Then I was in bed the other evening, listening to the radio, and they read a little from Someone At A Distance as the Book At Bedtime. I ordered it from the library, and am loving it. I feel the same about it as I do about Mrs Miniver and The Enchanted April. I find it fascinating how sometimes it is just not the right time in your life for a particular book or author, and then something subtly changes, and it is like you were made for each other.

As if all this were not enough, lovely Moonroot has nominated me for an award, as a blog she loves! People are so kind, especially those of you who visit me here. I shall be naming blogs I love shortly, but choosing just seven will be hard!

There is just time to boil the kettle for tea, and to say that I hope you all have a wonderfully scrumptious weekend!

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