Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Titbits To Share

As I type this, the air about me is filled with the scent of sweet peas...a lovely friend kindly picked me a bunch from her garden yesterday. Looking at them, I was struck that the colours that I like to wear best are all reflected in that fragrant bunch- red, pink, purple, and shades in between. I often like to put red lipstick with a pink jumper, which you would think would clash, but perhaps it works because it is a combination found in nature? I wish I could share this gorgeous bunch of beauty with you!

I do have other things to share though....the book of the week on Radio 4 in the morning this week is Jane's Fame, and is all about Jane Austen, and is very enjoyable indeed. Best of all, you can listen to it later on the bbc website, and catch up if you have missed an episode!

Tomorrow night sees the return of River Cottgage on Channel 4, for which I can hardly wait. It will be especially good seeing it having been there! Tonight I enjoyed my guilty pleasure- Ladette to Lady! Oh, how I want to be sent to lady school, and do flower arranging and elocution lessons and have cocktail parties! I even find myself thinking that their uniform would be good for work...!

My best titbit to share today is this- if you buy Grazia magazine for £1.95 (not one that I usually read, but I had a voucher!) there is a coupon inside it, that if you take to Boots, you can get a big jar of salt body scrub by The Sanctuary, absolutely free! It would normally cost over £8, and smells divine, so hurry out and get yours now!

One last thing before I go to bed with my cup of tea and latest Hamish Macbeth novel....if you happen to have a spare morning and a Cafe Rouge near you, do go and have a croque madame for breakfast accompanied by buckets of cafe au lait and the morning papers...a simply blissful way to start the day!

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