Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Mimi Goes To The Spa

Two years ago, on August 11th, I woke up to find the only sunny Saturday that summer was dawning. Several hours later, I found myself at a tiny country church, walking up the aisle towards my wonderful Carl, and saying the vows that would change my life forever.

Last year, we celebrated by going to Dorset, and spending the day at River Cottage. I can't believe it has been a whole year since then. We had to shelter under a huge umbrella as it simply poured down with rain.

And this year...well it rained again! In the morning, anyway. But happily the showers gave way to sunshine, and once again we spent the day together.

Cotton is the traditional gift for the second anniversary, and Carl bought me a lovely cotton nightie. It is very Cath Kidston-Bodenish. White, with tiny blue flowers all over it, and blue and white polka dot buttons! I gave him a candle in a glass jar which smells of 'clean cotton'.

After several cups of tea, we set off for Clarice House Spa which was just a little jaunt down the motorway away. I had not been before, but the idea of spending the day wafting about in a soft white dressing gown and bobbing about in a swimming pool was just the very thing! When we got there, we were given a cup of tea and a medical form to fill in, along with a menu so we could choose what we would eat for lunch. It was really hard to choose, as everything looked so delicious! Although when I read 'chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream' on the dessert menu, that part was not at all hard to choose!

Once we had changed into our dressing gowns and slippers, we went off to explore the facilities. Clarice House was a big country house that has been converted into a spa, so in some parts of the house I half expected to see Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot taking tea! I loved the aromatherapy room, which was a dark steamy room scented with lavender, and tiny twinkling lights in the ceiling! There was time to sit in the jacuzzi and splash in the pool, and dry off in the sauna before padding back round to reception for our treatments.

We both had facials (even though Carl had shaved that morning, he still thinks he exfoliated his therapists hands rather than her exfoliating his face!) and then I had a pedicure while Carl had a manicure. It was all rather new to him, but I think he rather enjoyed the pampering! I had my toes painted in 'Affair In Red Square' red-a wonderful shade, which reminds me of faberge eggs for some reason!

Lunch was really scrumptious, and we were seated at the best table, overlooking the gardens. I loved how my salad was served- on a square, completely flat plate, almost like a piece of slate. I must keep an eye out for some at home!

We went for a walk around the gardens, and we spotted some rabbit holes, but sadly no bunnies! Before we went home there was time for some more bobbing about in the pool, and I must have relaxed too much, becuase I was just so tired all of a sudden, I didn't even change out of my dressing gown to go home!


fairycakegirl said...

My goodness Mimi I go away from my computer for a few days wanting to know if you would ever come back and now I am in seventh heaven with all your scrumptious posts. I am off for a wee cup of tea and then I am going to read to my heart's content. Thank you sweetie xx

fairycakegirl said...

Oh my goodness Mimi I am ever so excited you got married on my birthday....