Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Jolly Brolly

Several months ago, I spent a happy sunny afternoon at a vintage fair at Cressing Temple. Many lovely things there caught my eye, but there was one thing beautiful above all: a vintage purple umbrella. It was elegant and frilly and flouncy, and I just knew that if I owned it, not only would I never mind when it rained, but I would skip down the street, avoiding the puddles and spreading cheer. Alas, when I enquired as to the cost, the lady replied 'I want £50 for it'. Firstly that was rude (I want doesn't get, as my Mother would say!) and secondly, it was too much for my purse.

So imagine how pleased I was when I popped into Miss Selfridge on my way home from work today, to discover an umbrella in the same shape and style, only cream with a black-and-cream polka dot frilly ruffle instead of purple, and more to the point, only £15! Even better, as I emerged from the shop, it began to rain. Just as I suspected, I didn't mind in the least, and practically floated home! A man driving an impossibly large truck even stopped and waved me across the road, so I like to think that I am spreading a little happiness with my frilly brolly!

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