Friday, 27 August 2010

Thank You!

Good morning!

I do hope that your morning is as good as it can be, and it started with a cup of tea in the prettiest cup you own! It is still raining here, so I am getting plenty of use out of my new brolly!

I had a few spare minutes just now so I thought I would take just the tiniest of peeks at my blog before going to work, and I have to say that to find comments and such kind and lovely ones, not to mention inspirational, has put a real spring in my step! Thank you so much.

And as an aside, I also love owls and mushrooms, although I prefer red-and-white-polka-dot toadstools even more, and acorns and oak leaves, pumpkins and many gorgeous things to think about at this time of year!

Have a wonderful day!


Dinah Soar said...

Red and white polka dot mushrooms and toadstools are perfect--I favor them as well. In fact I love anything with polka dots, or spotty or dotty as I've read it called on British blogs. Especially love the Kath Kidson dotty items.

There are more comments to come on your recent blog posts-- I feel certain. I've noted a lot of bloggers are not as active of late..lagging in the reading and/or commenting... and not posting as often.

You can be sure I will always check your blog for new posts!

Tash said...

Woohoo you're back and blogging again! I've missed your posts :)

You'll have to show me photos of the wedding, too. I loved the hair-shot, can't wait to see the rest of it!

Take care,


Jackie said...

You're back!

I've had a really busy week this week with birthdays, special ones of the turn of the decade type, and my Mum moving flats so have just been catching up with my blog reading today - and you're back!

Looking forward to happy readings of vintage cosiness!