Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A Blanket and a Brooch, Or What I Did On My Wednesday Off

I love my Wednesdays off work. Please don't misunderstand me, I do love my work, and look at it as my joy rather than my job, but equally I love my home and my life here, and loving one does not seem to diminish the other! I know I have been writing a lot recently about the stresses of work and the pleasures of home, but I just wanted to be fair, and say I do still love my job!

But a Wednesday off work now, that is a real treat. Especially a Wednesday off work when my diary pages shows no appointments, just a lovely free day! It was almost a lovely spring day this morning, but all of a sudden, as though it were too much effort, it seemed that the day gave a sigh and gave up, and without warning, it was a cool February day again. I am glad that I did not go out as I had been tempted to, but instead threw open all the windows, and enjoyed the day at home.

I have had a pile of 40 crocheted squares for some time now. Half are granny squares, and the remainder are fancy squares, and if only I had the time to put them all together, they would be a blanket. I started this task last weekend, and today I settled down to finish it. To begin with, my progress was sloooow, because I thought I would watch a film at the same time. However, 8 Women turned out to be in French with subtitles, so it made for rather slow progress! It was a gorgeous film, very French, with beautiful colours and cinematography. It is true though, that once it was over, my crochet speed increased somewhat! I am pleased to say that as I type, I have my new blanket over my knees. I am really pleased with it, and felt a real surge of satisfaction at having completed it. I already have plans forming for my next blanket, this time to be a ripple stitch blanket inspired by the grey-blues-creams of a walk along the Cobb at Lyme Regis a few years ago!

While I still had my crochet hook in hand, I spent a happy half hour crocheting a cherry brooch, which I just need to buy a brooch back for. It was meant to be done in 4ply, but I used scraps of dk instead. I would like to make another to wear in my hair, but I think I must get some 4ply to do that with, as the cherries made from dk are rather on the large side!

Towards the end of the day, I flicked the tv on for company, a bad habit I know, but sometimes I like to hear another voice when I have spent the day alone. Tamasin Day Lewis came on, with a programme about Classic British dishes. I love her cookery and her writing, and the programme was a real treat. In some ways, superficially, she reminds me of Nigella, but where as Nigella is polished and smooth and her hair is always neat, Tamasin is...well, its like you have just wandered into her kitchen. I like them both in different ways and for different qualities, but Tamasin just fit my mood today.

Inspired, if I have time tomorrow after my trip to a craft show with some friends, I plan to turn out my dry goods cupboard, make a list of spices and herbs and the like that need replenishing, and make out a menu plan for the week. To go back to my earlier comment, I do love my working life, but sometimes I wish I was a housewife, and had more time to devote to running my house, checking my stores, planning my cooking! That I could I have a routine of work, Monday wash day, Tuesday ironing day, Wednesday baking day, and the like. Sometimes, it is hard to fit it all in, and fit it in mindfully, so I can really enjoy it all. (Yes, I know that sounds utterly demented, but really, in the summer I love pegging a fresh wash out on the line to dry!)

Wherever you are, I hope you have had a wonderful Wednesday, and enjoy the rest of your week!


Dinahsoar said...

I too love being a homemaker. It is great that you love your job as well..that is a rare blessing, to love one's work, to get paid for having 'fun' so to speak.

You always accomplish so much on your days off!

It is good that you have so many interests--I certainly enjoy reading about them.

I've had a bit of a cold, but this warm spring like weather here in the states is a nice welcome. Now if I could get my taxes finished I'd feel almost caught up.

LP said...

Nice to read your blog posts again. I am a big fan of roses and violets also so you might be pleased to know that the lush Daddyo shampoo smells of both at once but violets in particular.