Wednesday, 16 February 2011

To The Rose Upon The Rood Of Time

Oh, how I love Yeats! I have had the good fortune to have studied him at school, and to have retained my affection for him. Alas, Eliot did not have the same fate! I love so many of his poems, and his phrasing. I find it spine-tingling that I can listen to him reading his own poems on youtube, although in my mind he is eternally young, rather than the old man he is in the recordings!

But back to roses...I love simple, flower scents. My favourite of all is violet, but I do not often come across it. I also love lavender and rose, in that order, although lately I have been drawn to rose slightly more. I was in Holland and Barrett the other day, looking for something entirely different, and stumbled across their organic and nasty-free (no parabens, sodium laurel sulphate and the like) range. It is called Dr Organic, and comes in a myriad of scents, including lavender and rose. Normally I would be drawn right to the lavender, but I tried the rose instead, and was pleasantly surprised by how much like actual roses it smelt like. I started with their shampoo and conditioner, which is heavenly, and have also bought the bath oil and body lotion. Several evenings now, I have enjoyed a rose-scented bath, by the flickering light of a rose scented candle. I love the way the scent clings to me, and now my hair is longer (my profile picture is somewhat old now, my hair has grown a lot!) when it swishes, I can smell the memory of the rose scent upon it.

I wish very much that violet was a more easily attainable scent, but for now I am happy to be enveloped in a cloud of roses. Although, it does concern me slightly that one sweet friend leaned over, sniffed my hair, and then announced that he thought I smelt like he could eat me...apparently I smell like Turkish Delight!

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Dinahsoar said...

Oh--Turkish Delight...I adore favorite brand I find at TJMaxx here.I think it is sometimes called Home Goods. I don't dare buy it often because I can scarf it all down in a day.

And rose scent is on my list of faves. Rose, lavender, vanilla,..actually most floral scents appeal. I have a wonderful rose candle I purchased last year which I will light soon--to welcome warm weather. In winter I go for the vanilla scents and some of the food scents like caramel and butterscotch.

I have a bottle of rose syrup, got it from an Indian to make a rose shrub. Yum....good for the tummy too and a beautiful pinkish color.